Duke Deathington – ‘Blackhole Sunrise’ ft. Joel Black is assembled into compelling material!

Duke Deathington is artist producer creates psychedelic dance music that packs a punch integrating big beats and cinematic groves. The latest single “Blackhole Sunrise”, features singer-songwriter Joel Black of Joel Black & the Hallelujahs from the UK. The music is swirling, hypnotic, almost trance like. When this collaboration is firing on all cylinders, the music transports you to another world, filled with adventure and fields of psychedelia are aplenty. The track kicks off with some understated, rumbling basslines and slippery synth motifs. Then all at once the listener is immediately transported into a strange, bombastic and trippy world of slamming percussion and urgent vocals.

“Blackhole Sunrise” travels across many lands and explores several different musical ideas along the way. This track contains plenty of creative electronic ideas, along with some strummed acoustic guitars and intermittent, broiling basslines that work well within the overall journey. It is an infectious tune that will have your head nodding to the groovy synth line while you begin your ascent into the astral plane. The piece grows more intense and unhinged as it progresses.

Duke Deathington is one of those always flexible and elastic artist/producers that no matter what, always shows his own musical language, but always proposes new routes for it. The sounds, effects and arrangements that Duke uses, is assembled into compelling material with a fresh spirit, vibrancy and nerve that I’ve found somewhat lacking in electronic music for the last few years. And “Blackhole Sunrise” is an excellent example of this aesthetic.

In a time where more and more focus is put on commercialization and churning out quick hits, Duke Deathington’s latest work is a welcome breathe of fresh air – technically sophisticated, yet wedded to raw grit, and proves that Duke isn’t ready to become stagnant anytime soon.

The key moments of “Blackhole Sunrise” are prime examples of this, with the track’s layered percussion and vocal muscle complimenting the emphasis on bass perfectly and adding a sense of urgency that just seems lacking in Duke’s peers.

Though it’s still definitely danceable in its own right, for me, “Blackhole Sunrise” is really made to be listened to. One thing we can say for sure, though, is that Duke Deathington has really expanded his sound here. So much so that you’re tempted to claim it’s the best thing he has ever done, too.

In fact, it doesn’t really matter too much what it sounds like. It just sounds incredible as it is. And every time I hear this, it gets better. Duke’s virtuosic grasp of his art, says wonders about his dedication to his music.

The focus on a ubiquitous electronic beat accompanied by a pervading atmosphere, a brooding bass and bombastic vocals, is a captivating one. There’s also a lot going on here, and by that I mean that no matter how many times you listen to this, you can always find something new to appreciate every time you give it a spin.

Duke Deathington outdid himself with “Blackhole Sunrise”, and in doing so he has set a benchmark – both for himself, and for any new release of the genre coming up in 2022 – that is going to be very, very hard to beat.

Connect with Duke Deathington at www.instagram.com/dukedeathington

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