Rd0Dave – “Jerk” is concentrated on lighting up clubs and igniting dancefloors!

Rd0Dave (pronounced Radio Dave) is a DJ and electronic music producer from Alberta, Canada. He has been DJing for 10 years and took the dive into music production 2 years ago. The single “Jerk”, is his first label release, and is out via Liftoff Recordings. A nostalgic for the electro-house sounds from the previous decade, Rd0Dave strives to create the kind of music he played when first starting out as a DJ. “Like Charlie Darker, Tommy Trash, Botnek, and Disco Fries, but with a more modern drum sound,” exclaims the producer.

Rd0Dave might not necessarily be a name that we are all too familiar with, but that doesn’t he can’t deliver the goods. Right from the jump, “Jerk” has all the energy and throttle expected at a live show. And that’s the first real difference between Rd0Dave and many of his contemporaries and peers.

While just about every other producer is trying to teach mainstream radio, and make a climb for the charts, Rd0Dave is concentrated on lighting up clubs and igniting dancefloors.

Rd0Dave is what you may call a dance music maverick. He’s less obsessed with the glittering mainstream hype, and more dedicated to the craft of moving bodies. Electro-House, like most genres, is an acquired taste, and can become repetitive with the standard breakdown/buildup formulas. Not so with “Jerk”, as it unloads the bass, percussion and synths all over your face.

Rd0Dave goes into his bag of tricks and creates a relentless, driving soundscape, with varied elements. The orgasmic ear candy he delivers will make your nether regions grow wings and fly.

Rd0Dave brings the bass power, energy, and synth hooks on “Jerk”, from beginning to end. For the nostalgic heads that have been going through old school withdrawal, this captivating cut, can put you in a good mood on any day when you feel your pure dance music soul needs to be touched by something greater than the current electro-pop anthems.

This high energy single is a must listen, as Rd0Dave unfolds his impressive talent for dancefloor bangers without diva vocals. Listen to this track over and over again. Then lather, rinse, and repeat. You won’t get tired of this stimulating and pristine original mix, especially if you’re up on your feet and moving to the beat.

“Jerk” leaves you wanting more and eager to hear the next track from Rd0Dave. The extreme bass, drums, and synthesizers are just so mesmerizing and come through full of strength in the song. On his debut label release, Rd0Dave comes through as one hell of a producer. He hits you hard and makes you wish the track was much longer.

Ultimately “Jerk” captures the essence of the club culture. The combination of bombast and dynamism makes this song extraordinary. Big, badass, and brilliant, the end result is a three minute muscular electro-shock that can both shake the earth and send fists rocketing to the sky.


BEATPORT: https://www.beatport.com/release/jerk/3550687
SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/track/7MSlG5H1fmKRsjhWzTBn9B?si=843e6aae3bd94714
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/rd0dave
INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/rd0dave
FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/djrd0dave
MIXCLOUD: https://www.mixcloud.com/rd0dave

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