304fatality delivers sonic treats which capture all the best parts of his style!

304fatality is a 17 year-old artist from West Virginia, who weaves his way through alternative rock, hip-hop and rap stylings. His music glows with conviction and sometimes an outspoken honesty. An undeniable facet of 304fatality’s ability to pen snappy singles. One such song, “Told Me That She Luv Me”, is an infectious coming together of easy-on-the-ear melody and heartfelt lyrics. His delivery is confident, and the grit of his voice is served by the sweeping keys and the rumbling 808’s which favors his breathless and urgent flow.

Sounding like he’s putting his whole body into delivering each burning syllable, 304fatality’s strong rhythmic sensibility, essential for rap, boosts his rhyming too. It’s here, where the artist’s cathartic lyrics are properly backed-up by the strings, drums and bass that the music is at its most impactful.

Making proper use of those instruments allows his rap formula to be stretched beyond the tropes of the genre. This demonstrates how 304fatality sounds best when the musical backdrop is thicker and leans more into the dynamic side of his aesthetic.

Despite the variations in approach, though, one thing that is consistent throughout his catalog of songs is 304fatality’s ability to convey the depth of emotion that lies behind the music. His relatable, appealing and varied collection of songs, results in him appearing to be extremely versatile.

The difference between 304fatality and many of his peers, is that he showcases a focus on using his talent for storytelling to paint a nuanced picture of his emotional state, rather than allowing his emotions to run away with the narrative.

304fatality’s latest single “Unlucky” ft. NoLove Potsy, officially drops via all platforms on the 19th of December. Moving seamlessly from jangling guitars and softer melodies towards chugging guitars, pounding drums and soaring, anthemic vocals, the upbeat track ventures into the alternative rock territory with confidence. The genre switch sounds like a natural progression for 304fatality, as he pours out relentless energy and angst, above a strong wall of sound.

304fatality injects his genre blurring soundscape with thicker guitars and post-hardcore influences to elevate the record. We can also see how “Unlucky” unleashes a strong and infectious chorus.

The instrumental palette remains one that is inherently representative of a deep understanding of his pop-punk and emo forbearers. And the results are at once gorgeous and genuinely mesmeric.  “Unlucky” is the perfect single release; It’s got plenty of edge, and the song arrangement really suits this nod to a more rock styling.

“Unlucky” caught my attention, from the first bar, and absolutely continued to hold its grasp on me, until the end. The track not only exhibits a much heavier timbre, but also unravels 304fatality’s pen game and his vocals.

“Unlucky” is a true masterclass on mixing up what the artist’s overall sound can be, and I truly want to hear much more of this facet of his identity in future releases. Quite frankly, it is an absolute catchy tune, with a driving rhythm.

Seemingly, on an ongoing quest to keep his music moving, and never standing still, 304fatality, is further strengthening his brand, by providing the sonic treats which capture all the best parts of his style.


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