K Tr3y – “Lovely” unleashes the artist’s ambition and his musical maturity!

This morning I had a chance to listen to the K Tr3y “Lovely” single from start to finish.  I must say I’m impressed. This brand new hip hop/RnB artist, hailing from the Greater Toronto Area, already sounds like a veteran. There is little to nitpick, as he makes this single sound as compelling as you could expect. Better still, he packs this mid-tempo groove into a shiny and slick visual smartly directed by Macadelic. Well produced and performed, “Lovely” is top-notch. The sound is both spacious and gargantuan, with an impressive palette of instrumental elements, alternating across a template bathed with urban percussion, electronic precision and jazzy chord progressions.

On top of this colorful sonic palette, K Tr3y flows, rhymes, and sings with effortless ease, as he blends streetwise anecdotes with self-assured braggadocio. Positively, in the scheme of modern R&B, K Tr3y crosses over into hip hop and pop-infused styles, knowing exactly how to make any sound thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. The successful sound of “Lovely” indicates that the artist is certainly heading in the right direction.

All the way through “Lovely”, K Tr3y leans back into the dynamic soul of a voice on which he will no doubt make his name, capturing his essence with a sunny vibrancy and maturity.

“I’m in my prime, they hatin’ on mine – that’s why they discuss me. All my niggas are comfy, that’s why we livin’ lovely. Poppin’ champagne, swinging my chain, sipping this bubbly,” sings K Tr3y, as he throws down the gauntlet with his claims. His slick-talking, melodic-heavy turns, rely in part, on the earnest convictions of his soul.

On “Lovely” there’s an immediately natural ease with which K Tr3y switches between his rapping and singing voice, which feels strengthened by a profound worldliness and understanding of the events that take place around him.

Undeniably, K Tr3y’s ability to switch his listeners’ focus from hard-hitting confrontational rhymes to self-empowering lyricisms is truly adept. For all his extraordinary vocal tones and deft rhyming, K Tr3y is surely a force to be reckoned with.

K Tr3y’s versatility is astounding. Sonically the track beautifully flows together and is more than pleasing to the ears. You will instantly gravitate towards its bustling rhythm, and then be captivated by K Tr3y’s vocal performance.

He develops a genuine connection with the emotions and convictions portrayed in this music. “Lovely”, is a reflection of his status as a writer and success as a performer. K Tr3y’s chose to focus his artistic efforts, resulting in a polished track that feels more like a performance rather than a simple studio recording.

It’s a pleasure to discover a track like “Lovely”, which represents K Tr3y’s ambition and his musical maturity, even as a new artist on the scene. With its crossover influences worn firmly on its sleeve, there’s no point in wasting any time trying to unravel all of the track’s production complexities, but rather just immerse yourself right into the sonic embrace of the music. That’s where the real enjoyment comes from. K Tr3y has all the hallmarks of a natural-born talent on the rise!


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