“Hold On” will continue to push Foreign Republic’s trajectory

The beauty of pop is how expansive and malleable it can sound. The music and lyrics can be pushed in various directions, emulating writing styles from endless other genres, but then falling back toward a sound that’s both accessible and enjoyable for most. That’s where the genius of Matthew Smith aka Foreign Republic, a young upcoming artist who resides in New Jersey, manages to weave his musical magic, which is then co-produced and mixed, by Matthew’s friend Aidan Swift. That’s been the successful formula used on much of Foreign Republic’s previous releases. Now his back with his 2022 single, “Hold On”, which discusses the people who told him he’d never be able to make music.

Foreign Republic has superb control over his voice in this one; the way in which he effortlessly jumps between large intervals and lands on a note perfectly, not to mention the way he swiftly goes from delicate head voice to a full-on soar in the chorus is remarkable.

Everything is done in an almost laidback and relaxed style. There’s no denying that “Hold On” provides us with another song that completely shows off Foreign Republic’s talents in many ways, and that is to be commended.

If you’re looking for some profound bedroom pop with indie stylings, “Hold On” should be right up your alley. It is very much the perfect track to put on and drift away to, as you ponder its message. Foreign Republic knows he has the skills to raise the bar. Not as in a competition with others. But to challenge himself to bring his “A” game. “Hold On” shows that greatness is attainable. It is not an abstraction but a concrete reality.

Foreign Republic’s sound just stands out. There are many people who can sing. Many people with talent. But the special thing in music is most often the complete composition, the song that compels one to feel and think.

These are the songs with which Foreign Republic excels, and he pulls it off again with “Hold On”. There is so much power to this song, which is built on a sultry backdrop of warm keys and skittering percussion. On top, Foreign Republic’s voice draws you in.

Foreign Republic is able to make music that feels highly fresh to today’s listener. Which means that he has clearly found his voice very early on in his career. Foreign Republic lays on a layer of chill ambient-pop to his indie sound.

He is able to wind these flavors seamlessly into something that is unique and highly listenable. Each moment is unique, but each moment is also part of the whole. By the end, Foreign Republic has created an understated but elaborate musical palette that forms “Hold On”.

“Hold On” will continue to push Foreign Republic’s trajectory. His talent is so bright, that we can see him being an audible voice in a powerful independent music movement that has emerged lately with several artists getting their time in the spotlight. Stream and download this release to kick-start Foreign Republic’s career, to take him to the next level. His talent is simply too high to go unrecognized.

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