Versatile of 2ndhalf – ‘Kill My Demons’ – a fusion of style and substance!

Versatile of 2ndhalf always loved making music to get people through tough times. He got the name ‘Versatile’ from his friends because he doesn’t work with just one genre of music. Instead he likes to do all of them – from Lo Fi to Alternative, House, Pop and Rock, to Country, EDM and Techno. Versatile of 2ndhalf started djing at 13, and at 16 learned how to play the keyboard. He started experimenting with different sounds and different styles, and when his friends heard the music and different genre they called him ‘Versatile’, and years later it just stuck with him.

2022 has already seen Versatile of 2ndhalf release a multitude of tracks, ranging from alternative to dance anthems, and now he is back with what is set to be another off-kilter hit. “Kill my Demons” is a track that brings the worlds of pop, rock and electronic together, and this one had my ears wanting more. When this track starts you instantly hear the bold and resonant vocals, which give off this urgent and edgy vibe.

“Break these walls. I’m gonna to tear them down. I’m need to burn this place, down to the ground.” intonates the lead vocal. “Kill my Demons” is a song with a powerful intent and a determined demeanor. As it progresses, there is a buildup of anthemic fire, paired up with the driving instrumental, which make for a perfect confrontational track. Throughout the song, there is this very prominent, feeling of internal conflict that just radiates.

If improvement is what Versatile of 2ndhalf was after its no doubt he reached it as “Kill my Demons” is clearly a musical standout in his immensely variegated catalog. It builds greatly on the firm foundation already set in place with a blend of loud and proud vocals, as well as momentum pushing instrumentals. Versatile of 2ndhalf masterfully sweeps the listener on a journey through the combative emotions present in this single.

Versatile of 2ndhalf is showing a very raw and purposeful tone in the lead vocal, while the beat behind voice slaps with unfaltering flamboyance. The keyboards and drums push both the atmosphere and the rhythm weaving a plush and dynamic backdrop for the lead melody. On the whole the vocal performance in this single remains very impressive, even though it is competing with an extremely compelling instrumental production.

In essence, “Kill my Demons” showcases the very best of Versatile of 2ndhalfs talents, and fuses his iconic sounds with his recent experimentations in music. The performance as a whole is an excellent and enjoyable experience.

If you stand the single on its own legs, it does very well. It is a hold-nothing-back adventure that investigates the accumulation of the adversities our demons create, while still showing there is a light at the end of the tunnel if we’re willing to fight our way through the dark.

It’s not hard to see what guides Versatile of 2ndhalf. His particular fusion of style and substance is virtually unrivalled by his underground contemporaries. Watch out for his official feature with Yo Gotti coming up on all platforms within the next few days!


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