Artic Baba – ‘Mr CRAZY’ – an impressive pallet of classic rock sounds!

ARTIC BABA is a rock band from Milan who started playing together as kids before disbanding. After some years and different career paths, the members eventually ended up making music together again and are simply having a lot of fun doing what they’re doing. They currently have a fresh single out, called “Mr. CRAZY”, which was released on the 14th of January 2022. The single serves as the band’s mission statement, as they put everything is on the table. It seamlessly stitches together elements of classic and glam-rock, with a powerful touch of radio rock. The production skills capture the band’s energetic growl, and the fiery guitar, juxtaposing it against the powerful, cleanly delivered vocals.

The crashing, steady-stomping drums are pushed to the center of the mix, with pulsating bass in lock step. The chorus is infectious, and with over 4 minutes to go, you already know you’ve got your money’s worth from this single.

“Mr. CRAZY” is a solid gut punch that will knock the wind right out of you. This epic rocker throws in everything it has with a driving rhythm and a melodic soar. ARTIC BABA are adept at processing their influences and then turning out their own fresh and vital songs.

Although informed by great rock music of the past, ARTIC BABA are not mired in it. Their own sonic stamp that runs throughout the song is refreshing, adding a welcome color to the band’s impressive pallet of classic sounds.

The drums and bass come in to propel the song with the strength that its message deserves, while the chorus will stay with the listener long after the track fades from the ear. The whole track sounds so old school yet has a refreshing feel to it that signals ARTIC BABA have found the perfect balance.

“Mr. CRAZY” is a well-crafted song and a definite highlight on the current rock scene. It’s certainly something new for the modern take on the genre, and the band execute the song so brilliantly and rather effortlessly. Straightforward organic instrumentation, no pretentiousness, and a whole lot of rock n’ roll swagger makes an engaging formula for ARTIC BABA, as they beautifully put together a melodic, powerful modern rock song with meaning.

ARTIC BABA really have found a sound that can only be described as a cocktail of the best elements that classic and modern rock have to offer. The Italian band arranges an authentically designed formula of heavy-hitting rock n’ roll aesthetics.

They convey amplified guitar aesthetics, attributing boisterous grit, and demonstrating a diligently composed anthem. “Mr. CRAZY” is a creative blend of crunchy characteristics in which ARTIC BABA inject an infectious dosage of groove, fueled with a meticulous melody.

“Mr. CRAZY” effectively highlights fierce songwriting skills, and is another celebration of the power of the electric guitar. It also demonstrates the juxtapositions between gritty verses and soaring choruses. This record brings together all the facets of ARTIC BABA’s talents and all the diversity of their influences while showcasing the power they are capable of delivering.

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