itso – “Who Am I?” puts them in a league of their own!

In all its mood and style, the eighth single, “Who Am I?” by virtual band itso, exudes a delicious blend of vocal and instrumental rock. It’s safe to say that the duo of Scobie Ryder (ex-Hellfire Club frontman and Gold Awarded songwriter/producer), and Martin Hanisch (a top German session guitarist/writer and producer), better known as itso, show no sign of slowing down, comparable to the best in their genre, yet easily in a league of their own. The single’s best qualities are in its vocal and melodic reach, continuously providing a fresh spin on the band’s sound. In particular, the guitar work is another critical component, providing the powerful instrumental emotion in the song.

Scobie Ryder and Martin Hanisch totally complement one another, helping to establish a unifying element throughout the music. From beginning to end they offer great musical quality.

An electric rhythm intertwines with warm vocals and a glowing melody, making for an experience where listeners will find something alluring to immerse themselves in. Moreover, itso unpack some lyrical intrigue, with a probing narrative on the human and planetary condition.

The band have no issue pulling you in and guiding you on a 5 minute soulful, rock n’ roll journey. Eighties radio rock, coupled with vocalist Scobie Ryder’s impactful voice and a modern edge that will set them apart from the pack, itso further cement their place in the rock world with this single.

Martin Hanisch’s guitar also puts on one hell of a performance, with utterly explosive interludes, that will keep you on your toes from start to finish. “Who Am I?” simply checks every box.

There is not a single moment on “Who Am I?” that feels redundant or out of place. Instead, the song is an exciting and captivating listen from start to finish – it’s something you’ll have on repeat for months to come.

Outside the obvious expectations that deliver and exceed in fine rock n’ roll, the single has some of its strongest moments when itso let the dynamics of the wall of sound expand with flourishes and nuances. Their precision playing holds this record together and is a fierce driving force.

Scobie Ryder and Martin Hanisch also know how and when to hold back; a quality in musicians equally as admirable and impressive as an epic performance. This record thumps and punches with rocking guitar motifs, explosive vocals, and then rolls back to breathe, all within the type of masterful songwriting that is largely unheard of in today’s current music industry. Ultimately, itso is too talented and too creative, to not move to the next level.

This track has everything fans of any genre could want to hear from a group as talented as itso. With an impressive and extensive catalog of rockers to back them up, audiences should expect to see a lot more of itso in the coming months.

The duo of Scobie Ryder and Martin Hanisch constantly push and pull listeners with their control of melody, rhythm and power. They know their strengths, and play to them, without any danger of echoing themselves.

Curiously, “Who Am I?” was the first song they recorded together, and subsequently is the reason for them becoming itso.


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