itso – “Wings Over The World” couldn’t be more poignant in today’s socio-political climate!

The peace and freedom anthem, “Wings Over The World” is the latest musical episode in the itso saga. Formed in 2019, the fresh retro rock duo made up of Scobie Ryder (Ex-Hellfire Club frontman and Gold Awarded Songwriter/Producer) and Martin Hanisch (a top German session Guitarist/Writer Producer) met online to bring their own perspective to 21st Century rock music. The project has been working remotely from two different countries, constantly releasing a series of singles to push their momentum. This latest track once again displays all their songwriting, performing and producing skills, as well as their attention and focus on the way of the world, around them.

As a listener who has been following itso just about from the beginning, I approach each new single release holding my breath, wondering how long the band can maintain the established trajectory without losing its edge.

The introductory guitar motifs on “Wings Over The World” was the first indication that I could take a breath. It’s powerful musicianship, and the convergence of experienced professionals who understand how to remain in control of their instruments was instantly evident.

Thus, the stage is appropriately set for the soaring vocals, which bursts onto the scene with conviction.  “Children dancing on the street. Visions live before their eyes. Altogether, we’re one nation. Bringing love into our life. Every heart is set in motion. Every spirit flying free (Finally Free). Reaching out to one another. Feel how strong this love can be,” exclaims itso, as they unwind the narrative. It’s one more example of how each musician brings his all to the studio. Their skills are natural in instinct, and dexterous in execution.

The song continues weaving its way through the verses and choruses, the energy rising and falling in a calculated way. It takes the 80’s radio rock sound and lifts it to a whole new level. Scobie Ryder’s vocal delivery is powerful and flawless throughout the track.

Martin Hanisch’s guitar riffs are melodic and varied, and the drums are expertly placed into position. This is all wrapped up in a modern-sounding production that allows the band to feel as relevant as ever. “Wings Over The World” is packed full of both fuzzy and harmonic rock guitar tones and some of the best vocal execution you’re likely to hear for quite some time.

Though the words on this record are fantastic and certainly are stacked up in a way that plays out in an uplifting and empowering sense, it’s once again clear that Scobie Ryder could literally sing anything at this point and make it sound incredible. The sound of the single is victorious in every aspect of its production and execution.

“Wings Over The World” is a success on so many levels. It sees the band at a point where they aren’t afraid to embrace any of their inspirations or hold on to everything they cherish in their genre. Moreover, the song couldn’t be more poignant in today’s socio-political climate and is a perfect way for itso to imbue their newest endeavor with conscious relevance.


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