Fallon McCoy – “I Don’t Know” – a sonically immersive record!

Fallon McCoy is a 16 year old artist and music producer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has been making music for about 3 years and is just starting to release her creations. First up to the plate, is her alt-pop single, “I Don’t Know”.  Although music streaming services and mainstream radio stations continue to make us believe that there are established differences between genres of music, in this day and age most new artists show us that it is otherwise. They are more likely to find both loyal fan-bases and commercial success by defying stylistic definition.

With her single, “I Don’t Know”, Fallon McCoy is helping to usher in a new era of pop music where labels matter less and less. It allows for musical authenticity and personal narratives, to take some precedence over the almost exclusive commercial aesthetics. As a result, the track dives into Fallon’s creative and performance power. In fact, it is a solid record for a newcomer. The song is well crafted, with a catchy melody, beautiful vocals, and a steady rhythm that helps it get stuck in your head all day.

Fallon McCoy is in full bloom here. Her introspective, but sure-footed attitude flows through the veins of single, igniting that addictive aura about her. “I know what you’re looking for, but you’re not on my mind. Always seem to want much more. I told you that I’m fine. Don’t know if I wish I could see, what’s clearly right in front of me. Can you just let me be,” sings Fallon, demonstrating her perspective on a potential liaison. Her voice is gloriously mellow and sultry, while the beat is so appealing, too.

This track is seriously somber, full of deep beautiful lines, and Fallon handles the low notes masterfully. The cool guitar echoes and the driving drums add to the appeal, rounding out a beautiful song carefully balanced between beauty and darkness. While Fallon’s vocal phrasing is often catchy, her lyrics avoid the overused clichés you hear in most modern pop songs. She is an understated powerhouse with a crystalline song at her disposal, and many fans will have their ears pricked by the pop perfection of “I Don’t Know”.

The fact that Fallon McCoy is using “I Don’t Know” as an opener to her career, hints that what’s to come is going to have to be pretty stellar. This warm mid-tempo ballad cannot help but invite radio play. it is also fair to say that Fallon is perfectly capable of telling her story in an uncompromising, clear fashion, with a relatable choice of words, that always flow well within the sound of the song. All of which results in a sonically immersive record that highlights her outstanding songwriting skills.

Whatever your opinion on Fallon McCoy, you are bound to be won over by her thoughtful performance on “I Don’t Know”, which she also produced. This is just the beginning for what has to be one of the most promising young artists on the pop horizon right now.


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