SwagRight Toni – “Slave House” ft. Hi Potent C – a lyricist who can bend flows with cutting bars!

Entrepreneur and music artist from Ann Arbor Mi, Toni Wells aka SwagRight Toni comes at us straight and hard, with her single “Slave House” ft. Hi Potent C, showing...

Entrepreneur and music artist from Ann Arbor Mi, Toni Wells aka SwagRight Toni comes at us straight and hard, with her single “Slave House” ft. Hi Potent C, showing us she is on a mission. After starting the SwagRight clothing brand in 2013, humbly selling clothes to her customers out of a duffle bag, Toni transitioned into styling and marketing local music artists for shows and photo shoots under the SwagRight brand name. Her next move came in 2016, when she escalated her endeavors to artist management. As her passion and ambition grew, she eventually decided to use her talent for music marketing and industry connections, to introduce her own music to the world produced by her SwagRight brand.

Brimming with skill, confidence and finesse, the artist propels herself onto the scene with her slick quick-witted single, landing hard rambunctious bars with abrasive-toned vocals. From the brazen opening lines “Yo We about to show y’all, We ain’t no docile niggas”, SwagRight Toni throws down the gauntlet, and when she hits the chorus you fully grasp her vibe: “Welcome to my slave house. Tell massa I ain’t doing shit. He can eat a dick. We out here we lit. Welcome to my slave house. Ooooo them catchas coming. But these real niggas. Ain’t never running.”

By the time SwagRight Toni hits the verse, her narrative unfolds rather acutely with razor-sharp lines: “When Dr King had a dream. This had to be what he mean. White bitches twerking. While I’m rolling my weed.”

If for some reason the message is still not clear to you, Hi Potent C hits the nail on the head with the opening lines to his verse: “They say don’t believe in Willie Lynch. Then kill a nigga really quick. Every day we die for silly shit. That ain’t even dark as it can get.” And we’re just skimming the top here, because things get real blunt as the song moves forward: “If you ain’t white or if you ain’t rich. It’s a genocide this is the plan.”

On “Slave House” ft. Hi Potent C, SwagRight Toni draws on a booming beat and smart lyrics to emphasize her message, while she carves her own path, which sounds like it’s going to be a memorable one.

Coming in as bold and unapologetically authentic, SwagRight Toni ties together her message with a genuine culture and socio-political identity, while also letting everyone know she is in a league of her own. Though she can rip a mic to shreds with the best of them, SwagRight Toni shows she is aiming at, and is well equipped, for far weightier goals.

“Slave House” ft. Hi Potent C has no filter concerning historically conscious subjects, mainly involving the current and traditional statuses of black people in America. SwagRight Toni is one of those rappers who should be discussed among the top tier artists in her genre right now, a lyricist who can bend flows with cutting bars.

She has the artistic pedigree to command respect among female spitters past and present. SwagRight Toni stacks her bars deep, and places them against textured production and heavy subject matter. That’s way more than her frivolous, lightheaded peers are doing right now.


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