Emir Erbes – “A Fine Dream” flows with inimitable grace and hushed tones

Emir Erbes knows how to evoke a sense of introspection through delicate, poetic vocals and soft, but deliberate organic instrumentals. His second single release, “a Fine Dream” provokes a sense of meditation and thoughtfulness. It is a journey through intimate emotions, both melancholy and nostalgic, with a flicker of longing. Here Emir Erbes shows a penchant for taking simple observations and poeticizing them in a fashion that makes the mundane feel like art. His voice is burnished in a pastoral sheen, despairing but with a glimmer of hope. This distillation is genuine, imaginative, and achingly romantic. Emir captures your mind with his effortlessly imaginative narrative, and subsequently wins your heart with his sincerity.

You get the sense of his sonic philosophy listening to “a Fine Dream”, a piece of work written in the language of the natural, organic musical world. The song is simple to the ear. The stripped down acoustic backdrop leaves nothing for Emir Erbes to hide behind, as he lets the nuances of his lyrics and voice speak for themselves; the results are deceptively straightforward but immense in their complexity and emotions.

On first hearing the song, you would think that even less practiced musicians could probably pick “a Fine Dream” with little trouble, but getting them just right, making the notes and words hang in the air like tortured echoes with each soul-searching verse, is a completely different matter. The gravity of Emir’s voice discards the layers of pretense that often mute otherwise well intended indie folk; his honesty leaves the song in a state of raw vulnerability from start to finish.

“a Fine Dream” is a recording of slight design with a grand sweep, intimate and boundless at the same time. It ebbs and flows with inimitable grace, and hushed tones. Emir Erbes cathartic elevation here is quietly gorgeous and emotionally powerful. Whether it is the breathy intertwining of the words or the devastating pauses in the storytelling, Emir knows how to pull at your heartstrings and create soul-shattering moments with just a guitar and his voice.

“a Fine Dream”, if nothing else, is a testament to an artist with an incredible ear for pathos and simplicity, as well as atmosphere and emotion, and for that, the listener will find themselves highly rewarded with this song. Its otherworldly hushed yearning, and its balance between space and sound, reeks of an enchanting signature for Emir Erbes. It’s extremely deep, very sincere and quite striking.

Whilst in many respects conforming to the singer-songwriter, indie-folk archetype, Emir’s songwriting skill elevates him above the pack. In an era where songwriting pretension seems to have hit an all-time high, Emir Erbes, keeps it simple and profound. Yet he sounds completely immersed in the music, enabling him as an artist, to carefully examine the truths within his experiences. Those experiences, together with the golden voice and the soothing, ambience of the music, fulfils the listener in the way that music should.


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