Alpha Circle – Soarin’ is a dose of adrenaline-filled enthusiasm!

Countervailing hip-hop’s grand surge and the continual rise of EDM, a handful of bands like Alpha Circle still have the courage and skill to employ the shimmering jangle of the electric guitar in their arrangements. The first popped up on my radar and found its way into my speakers during 2021. Consisting of two Spaniards and two Englishmen, the band deliver a blend pop catchiness with rock robustness, to deliver sticky melodies, resounding guitar-driven rhythms and soaring vocals. The finished product packs enough punch to spread like wildfire among the indie rockers and pop aficionados, and this is indeed exactly what will be happening with the band’s latest single, ‘Soarin’.

“The concept of our new single ‘Soarin’ comes from the question ‘what’s a dream come true if not shared with you?’” explains Alpha Circle. “Along our journey as a band we’ve had some incredible rewards for our labor and the first thing we want to do is contact our families to share the excitement with them. That is applicable to anyone in any walk of life. Whether you get a new job, you’re getting married, a baby is on the way, realizing a dream like having your song played on the radio in our case. When you achieve these feats, those who lifted you up, who encouraged you, share in your happiness. Soarin is a thank you to those people.”

‘Soarin’ is an excellent party-starter or anthem to the night out, as it builds excitable energy. It is poppy, catchy, and summery. The single has so many glistening hooks. Most of all, it’s impossible as a listener to not get hooked.

Such a well-produced, balanced, strong, and confident track has an irresistible nature. It is thoroughly enjoyable, addictive and uplifting. Simply put: Alpha Circle – winners of the 2022 Toby Awards – just makes this kind of music so much better than anyone else right now.

Nimble and precise drumming, sweetly jangling guitars, and melodic, easy on the ear vocals swiftly propel the yearning verses and big-hearted, optimistic choruses with a clinical precision that you can’t help but both admire and move at least some part of your body to.

‘Soarin’ was a chance for Alpha Circle to throw their collective inspirations into the melting pot and come out with something brighter and bolder. And that they certainly did just that in sparkling fashion.

Unafraid of earworm choruses and excitable melodies, Alpha Circle manage to infuse a rush of carefree euphoria into ‘Soarin’. The melody is clear and sharp, the rhythm effortlessly kinetic, every little vocal croon rings as nothing but entirely enchanting.

‘Soarin’ is another superlative piece of indie-pop/rock goodness from the band. It shows the continual maturity in their songwriting, as they work their way towards their upcoming EP, releasing on the 27th of October. The band will also do an official launch at Sala El Perro in Madrid on Saturday the 5th of November. What we get with ‘Soarin’, is a dose of adrenaline-filled enthusiasm. It’s a strong, energetic, positive and hugely enjoyable record, which you will thoroughly appreciate.

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