Pavol Malenky – “Creative Society 3” ft. JuztKP – music to inspire, uplift and enlighten!

If EDM is known for anything, it is for creating physically and mentally moving compositions, while pop is associated with delivering catchy earworm melodies and lyrics that get stuck in your head. Now put that together with spiritually inspiring, humanistic and uplifting themes from the world of magic, mysticism and meditation. The result is music with vibe, rhythm, feel and a powerful. Such is the case with “Creative Society 3” featuring JuztKP, by Pavol Malenky. Pavol is one of the precious few artists who can lay claim to an original music concept. Over and above the music, he is bringing a philosophy and spiritual development to the table.

Pavol Malenky studied mathematics and physical education at the Comenius University in Slovakia, before going to The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in England. He started yoga and meditation at the age of 15.

Then as a 19 year-old he remembered his past lives, and began the search for his past masters and wife from a previous, who he eventually found after many years. Pavol, alongside his current wife, Marion Daghan-Malenky, now share their knowledge of magic, meditation and mysticism with many clients and disciples all around the world.

Pavol has developed a unique method of expanding consciousness, and states: “There is enough technology to make this earth the Garden of Eden. However, we need to evolve spiritually to experience deeper and mystical insights so that we understand that we are all in the boat!” In fact, this philosophy is both present and powerfully evident in the track, “Creative Society 3”.

The opening lines of the track quickly and clearly unfold the concept: “Inside of us is love, divine angel of light. Inside of us is fear, demon of a mind. Attention is key, deciding who will win. Don’t fight, be in peace, and see what is. We are all one. Choose love and life. Thoughts are waves, coming from outside of you. Attention gives them life just select the light. System tries everything to divide us. But we are all one, all human.”

The music is lean, crisp and effective in the mix, bringing you to a place that is uniquely Pavol Malenky’s – shimmering, crystalline, at once inspiring and inviting. In between the soaring melodies, Malenky finds space to insert cutting rap lines, which further enhance the message: “Human life, is the highest gold, it has to be protected, as one’s own, let us agree, to have no wars.” Both the songstress, and the rapper, are great on the mic, embellishing “Creative Society 3”, in the best possible way.

Pavol Malenky transports us to a conscious realm where only the most righteous and positive sensations exist. “We are all one, born free, nobody is higher, just diverse,” cites the song. “Creative Society 3” is the embodiment of inspiring and enlightening music.

The lyrics give a powerful message for a just and harmonious society. Malenky’s signature style of pop music, with dynamic percussion, contrasting textures and satisfying build-ups on the melodic sections, serve the song well.

The rap verses, will also be bouncing around your head, as will the clean guitar picking throughout the song. It is very clear that Pavol Malenky and his team, direct this song to the ears, hearts and souls of global masses, in a troublesome time. Now more than ever, we need music to inspire, uplift and enlighten. “Creative Society 3” featuring JuztKP, is finely tuned to do just that.


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