Tian Boothe – ‘CP Original’ unfolds and contemplates a passionate fantasy

Tian Boothe is an award-winning American film director, singer and songwriter. She was born in Jamaica, West Indies, and is of Caribbean and Syrian descent. Boothe, who focuses on narrative romance and social issues, is best known for ‘Shattered Dream’, ‘E.R. Compliance’ and ‘E.R. Emotional Release’. Her latest release is the single ‘CP Original’. The lyrics immediately evoke a moment of growth and self-awareness, of reaching that point in your journey where you’re not only comfortable being vulnerable to love, but fully willing to totally acknowledge your passion and desire, all in the name of becoming a more romantic, sensual and desirous version of yourself, without reserve.

Across ‘CP Original’, Tian Boothe sounds freer, looser and more centered than ever before. The song has an air of wistfulness that at times cedes attention to its downtempo design and dewy-eyed declarations. Boothe revels comfortably and rapturously in her sexuality – real or fantasized – and the result is a soft and sensitive account of bodily affection and intimacy. ‘CP Original’ is a cozy, confidential declaration of attraction for someone, the songstress channels through the quiet splendor of the beat.

In a track with deftly placed idiosyncrasies, sublimely breathy vocal flexes, and skittering hi-hats draped over a booming bass and kick drum, Tian Boothe’s sound is elevated from readymade R&B to a slow-burning confessional song that drifts way beyond the sterility of radio fodder.

The molasses-smooth, easy listening gem is a more than welcome addition to her repertoire. This body of work delicately broadens Boothe’s musical palette. Its a beautiful antidote to the mainstream love songs of late and a testament to the singer’s lucid storytelling, both through her lyrics and her voice.

Tian Boothe’s vocals and the understated, shimmering production complement each other gorgeously, and at times blend into one, giving the song a dreamlike quality that sits with you all the way through. The production on ‘CP Original’ is very low-key, allowing for Boothe’s sensual vocal tones and vivid lyricism to take center stage. Her ability to present lucid and emotional lyrics with utmost ease and clarity comes to the fore here.

‘CP Original’ is a flow of emotion from beginning to end. Sonically and lyrically, it serves as a display of Tian Boothe’s evolving musical style and her aptitude to deliver both emotional and sexually tinged stories through lyrics.

Boothe’s voice is as gorgeous as ever, the song alternately falling between a loosely spoken-word and neo-soul style. The therapeutic function of ‘CP Original’ is clear, while the pensive conversation is honest and intimate.

Overall, ‘CP Original’ makes for a listening experience that will move the body, massage the mind and uplift the spirit. Tian Boothe’s sultry energy shines throughout the track, which flows like a gentle breeze. Mature, sexy and tender, Boothe sounds so comfortable in her own skin, openly unfolding and contemplating a passionate fantasy. It will leave you wondering where the singer will venture on her next release.

Connect with Tian Boothe on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tianboothe/?hl=en

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