Laura Vida – ‘Color of Music’ packs every ounce of her vocal mastery!

Laura Vida is a songwriter, singer and pianist that has co-written for 30 years in the Nashville Music Industry. Laura works in multiple genres and through the years has opened for artists such as BB King and Gladys Knight. She recently stepped outside of the Country scene to record the R&B/Soul tinged single “Color of Music”. Expectedly, Laura Vida’s powerhouse vocals are the fulcrum of the recording, which are given a supple dexterity by the richly warm stylistics of the organic production. Together these elements put the track into an energetic orbit that is amped up by Laura’s sass and swagger on the mic, but also delivers moments of tender, soulful drifting into heartfelt bliss and emotion.

Laura Vida

Despite the diverse musical stylistics from her previous work, the vocal hallmarks of Laura Vida’s career are apparent and ever-present throughout this recording, as “Color of Music” gives us a fiery glimpse of her classic diva dynamic.

Laura unfurls a range of expressive tonalities from her vocal palette. She possesses the instinctive power of a jazz singer, who can ad-lib rhythm and blues embellishments in the same breath, while also flaunting the earthier nuances of her Americana roots, and then flip the terrain altogether if she wants to.

Extraordinarily gifted and thoughtful, Laura Vida packs every ounce of her vocal mastery into the single’s upbeat and richly orchestrated sound. She weaves her way across the auras of resonating acoustic pianos, vibrantly rolling basslines, soulful saxophones and an elegant, but steadily slapping beat. Gorgeously supple and rock solid, “Color of Music typifies the beauty of Laura’s distinctive vocal flair and the song’s splendid arrangement.

The song’s earthy, but silky-smooth sonics, cushion the thumping groove so effortlessly that it all glides and twirls sublimely around Laura Vida’s graceful croons, without overpowering them. In fact, the entire construction, from the effervescent rhythmic turns to its breakdown bridge, morphs into an explosive listen, which is drop-dead perfect. Even for purists.

The cover artwork

“Color of Music marks the versatility of a seasoned chanteuse who has arrived at this point in her career on the promise and power of her most transcendent instrument: her voice, besides her songwriting talents.

One of the features of Laura’s skillset on “Color of Music” is her sparkling melding of an ear-warming melody with gritty, yet sophisticated soul phrasing. This song is the kind of overdue injection of upbeat sass, joy and nostalgia that our musical landscape is always in search of, in an era of ice-cold electronic bombast.

Laura Vida’s ability to deliver powerhouse tunes with a classic organic flavor is on full display here. Chocked-full of energy, good vibes, and high-flying vocals, “Color of Music” is on-point in every aspect.

The groove plays a gargantuan role in the record’s captivating sound, as does the instrumentation, the arrangement and the production. Although the beat is incredible and is basked in waves of irresistibly beautiful studio work, the best part of “Color of Music” is the singer herself. Laura Vida’s voice shines brighter than any musical production could.


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