Luveta – ‘Ghosts Are Real’ delivers with thrilling results!

“Ghosts Are Real” is a scope-defying 5-track project that couldn’t be made by anyone else, but a bold do-it-yourself creative, capable of writing, producing and performing his own tracks, like Luveta. It’s a seamless blend of melodic crooning, catchy pop hooks, and beats that are well aware of hip-hop’s trends, but stretch them to places far beyond. There is a high attention to detail – in Luveta’s world, every sonic element, is just as important as any animated punchline or soaring vocal. Luveta is reimagining the genre, blending production and melodies from hip-hop and alternative flavors of the last decade, while pushing it forward. At once, it feels like both the past and future.

Hip-hop is limitless, and Luveta shows us why throughout “Ghosts Are Real”. He recorded an album, where the main attraction is his nuanced and melodic vocals, the lyrics, and the production that builds on hip-hop’s roots into the future.

The fact that “Ghosts Are Real” exists, and is stellar from beginning to end, already sets Luveta apart from his contemporaries. It’s not just the satisfying pop and alt-rock structures that effortlessly climb down from his mindset and fill his music that makes this project such an electric ride. Nor is it simply the unending string of thoughtful messages coming consistently through these songs.

It’s that Luveta sounds remarkably confident and comfortable at his craft, within a sound that he has made totally his. If “Ghosts Are Real” is meant to be the ideal culmination of every single shred of musical personification that Luveta has perfected thus far in his career, then it has wholly succeeded in doing just that. It delivers with thrilling results.

The album’s opener “Humanity”, features picked acoustic guitars and Luveta’s emotion inducing vocals, and once the record settles in, the artist flips through a variety of modes and moods to landscape his sonic world.

“Need Rain For The Garden” maintains the clean guitars, and adds synth interludes with subtle traces of persuasive percussion. On top, Luveta’s yearning vocals dominate the soundscape. “I like people, but nobody seems to understand me,” sings Luveta, as he unfolds the haunting narrative.

“Angels” finds Luveta accompanied by a piano motif, which steadily builds towards string and choral embellishments. His soulful vocals flow with an earthy grit, showing off serious chops and an unmatched ear for melody. His is an affecting world that is simultaneously impossible to fully imagine and almost completely tangible. The song paints an entirely vivid culmination of Luveta’s mindset, which he unwinds with authenticity and passion.

The strummed guitars launch the mid-tempo “Find Yourself”, which is underscored by a throbbing beat, and the usual resonating vocals from Luveta. By this point, it cannot be stressed enough how much of an immersive, captivating, and frankly astounding musical experience that this project brings.

This album does everything that it should from a creative standpoint, and finds multiple ways to enamor listeners through pure entertainment alone. Add in the emotional and enlightening content, and “Ghosts Are Real” shifts itself to the next level. In fact, everything about “Ghosts Are Real” will make you believe that it is something more than just another generic hip-hop record.


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