djnathann – “Matrix” Remix ft. Mellow Makers crafts a compelling listen!

djnathann is a musician and deejay who lives in the island of Rhodes, Greece. He was member of a band playing folk & rock music before he started out as a Dj. He spent the last 20 years working in several venues around the island, and two years ago started producing music. There is an art to capturing serenity and groove, and both the original version of the single “Matrix”, released in 2020, and the updated remix version, “Matrix” Remixed ft. Mellow Makers which dropped just recently, are beautifully understated in their upbeat simplicity. Built around a slapping beat, playful keys and twanging guitars, as well as resonant basslines, which coalesce to create slithers of head-nodding happiness, the track is a masterclass in pristine production.

“Matrix” Remixed ft. Mellow Makers by djnathann is thoroughly endearing, ebbing and flowing with a dulcet club ambience that could go on for days without you ever getting tired of it.  Obviously drawing from his long experience, together with his talents as an electronic artist and producer, djnathann has composed a bold, explorative runtime of uplifting guitar hooks and soothing keys driven by a relentlessly energetic rhythm.

djnathann demonstrates an ability to build progression into his tracks while holding your interest firmly with both hands; constantly dropping subtle surprises but never straying far from the familiar. He allows the vocals to take center-stage, while everything else stays tight and locked into the groove. The gentle contrast in textures – between the vocals, electric guitar and the keyboards, is carefully considered throughout the record.

Executed with conviction and instilled with its spirited concept, “Matrix” Remix ft. Mellow Makers has plenty going on, production wise, but it’s not as in your face as those mixes by some of his peers. djnathann’s mix of the organic and the electronic designs the sound template perfectly. It’s steady and self-assured, full of unending charm and a positive driving beat that is hard to ignore. It creates feeling of movement and flux.

Throughout “Matrix” Remix ft. Mellow Makers, djnathann is able to strike a balance between the two different sides of his focus, pairing hyperkinetic sounds with soulful, rhythmic music in a way that is never jarring.

He adeptly juggles these styles, and exudes a sense of calm that isn’t at odds with the many moving pieces at the track’s center — including driving percussion, echoing keys, and shimmering guitar sounds. djnathann is able to snugly fit the instruments and sounds into an overarching tapestry.

djnathann crafts a compelling listen throughout. He finds a clear sense of purpose on “Matrix” Remix ft. Mellow Makers, leaving the music to emerge from the depths of his creativity at a steady pace.

Between the original version of the song, and the latest remixed version, it is clear that djnathann isn’t interested in jumping on any bandwagon or trend, but is instead able to push his own style, and understand himself as a producer. Electronic music today, is a carnival of thousands of copycats, unsuccessful experimenters and hopeless nostalgics.

djnathann distinguishes himself from the pack by finding his own lane and justifying his potential. “Matrix” Remix ft. Mellow Makers has a delicious layering of sounds that is meticulously clean and uncluttered.


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