Lyndon Rivers – “Into Dust” – an amalgamation of edgy pop vocals, bold synthesizers!

Merging a production of hyper pop inspired synths, vivid and off-kilter beats, and soaring male vocals, Lyndon Rivers’ latest production brings a hypnotic and euphoric electronic sound. The single “Into Dust”, once again highlights Rivers’ ability to push the boundaries of a genre he has between redefining, all while never losing the house tones and sense of introspection intrinsic to his sound. Here he expertly blurs the lines between left-field avant-garde production and accessible pop music, capitalizing off of the burgeoning flavors of hyper and alt-pop, all while remaining uncompromising of his vision and artistry evident since his beginnings.

Deviating entirely from the four-to-the-floor beats of regular EDM, “Into Dust” grips on to Lyndon Rivers’ steadfast electronic sound, creating a record that feels innovative, yet entirely his, and still somehow geared towards more mainstream, radio-friendly hits. The song is a triumph, providing both, a full powered vocal style against a head rush of cacophonous synths that twist and turn. The beautiful and talented lead voice cuts through a growing and ominous drum beat, both of which are expertly produced. Naturally, the brilliant vocal performance is to be celebrated.

“Into Dust” oozes Lyndon Rivers’ signature style – consistently bold production choices and wild synthesizers drenching cutting-edge pop melodies and glitchy interludes when needed. The track also certifies that Rivers’ style is not simply split between pop tracks and quirky experiments – his choruses are powerful, there’s plenty of instrumental dynamics, and his laser gun synths entwine perfectly with the vocals.

After so many releases, it is absolutely clear that Lyndon Rivers is both a creatively abstract producer and an extremely consistent one within the electronic music space. He has never failed to deliver the unexpected, and he has never failed to do it regularly each month. Rivers’ unabashed experimentation has littered his discography with a unique sound that is instantly recognizable amongst those of his peers or contemporaries.

Though “Into Dust”, weaves together an amalgamation of edgy pop vocals, bold synthesizers, and an impressive featured singer, the production is never bloated or overwhelming. It always leaves space for little instrumental flourishes, which can be heard in the background.  “Into Dust” manages to capture vibrating basslines and whistling synth frequencies which blossom into a grandiose layering of sounds that are captivating.

On the whole the record delivers on what we’ve come to expect from Lyndon Rivers, who is someone that tends to want to stand at the forefront of the genre. Where the grand scope of his mixing mastery can be displayed. “Into Dust” is a great introductory point for a new listener as it delivers on exploring the full range of Rivers’ abilities.

Sonic consistency and conceptual refinement is always on display, and in abundance with any Lyndon Rivers release. And in terms of a track that pushes the production boundaries, Rivers wholeheartedly delivers again on “Into Dust”. The Australian-based producer definitely deserves to sit alongside more emblazoned names, as a standout performer in the genre.


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