Jasenka – ‘Dance for You’ is an immaculate musical container!

Jasenka fled Bosnia during her youth, requiring her to learn a new language and culture. She resorted to music as an outlet when she was struggling to find her place. Jasenka began making music at the age of 12 years old, when she picked up a guitar and played her school’s band. She began writing original songs and performing live shows immediately after graduating from high school. Life then took a different turn due to family circumstances, but during the epidemic, she returned to music and learnt how to produce her own songs while in quarantine. ‘Dance for You’ is her debut single.

‘Dance for You’ manages to be an atmospheric, cool, and yet dramatic crossover Pop-EDM track, sprinkled with intoxicating Reggaeton flavors which drive the rhythm. The song presents Jasenka’s knack for shimmering, tightly written pop songs. Her evocative storytelling and ability to craft great rhythms is all here, and packaged as something emotionally tangible, and lyrically beguiling.

Jasenka possesses all the elements to embrace the mainstream pop spectrum, while carving her own unique musical niche. Her distinctive vocals and personal lyrics help her own her stylistic aesthetic. Jasenka’s elegant, lyrical soprano flitters across the track, while her mellifluous poignancy dominates the song.  Where ‘Dance for You’ succeeds, is that it manage to capture an ethereal sound that makes Jasenka’s music stand apart from the normal pop fare.

Jasenka’s evocative lyrics channel the emotionally tangible theme of passion and desire into a feel-good, even inspiring, synth-pop track. “I was lost in your kingdom. When you simply got the best of me. I had the greatest intentions. But this commotion isn’t harmony. I got my heart on the breakdown. On the rebound Can you feel me now? I’m making bets that you come back. So we can relax. Just let your heart be found,” sings Jasenka as she unfolds the narrative in the opening verses.

‘Dance for You’ illustrates Jasenka’s power to draw the listener in and make a song relatable. The singer-songwriter and producer, has found the sweet spot between today’s current pop music trends and her own indie experimentation.

She delivers some transcendent pop musical moments, the kind that’s destined for prime spots on multiple playlists. Once the beat drops, the rhythmic floodgates open, and the music springs to life, Jasenka soars above it, clear and effervescent, bringing pure, ecstatic moments to the listener.

‘Dance for You’ is an immaculate musical container that draws on the magnetism of the perfect artistic match with Jasenka. It sparkles and shimmers through the speakers, and is primed for setting alight any atmosphere. Just on her debut release, Jasenka is obviously still flying under the radar, but her talent looms overhead as a reminder of her potential.

The magnificent aspect of ‘Dance for You’ is that right from her very first official release Jasenka touches on all corners of pop flavoring in one single project. The results truly exceed any expectations of what a true pop crossover could and should sound like.


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