Ostarè – ‘God Loves A Woman’ – an unwavering voice of outspoken honesty!

The French-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Ostarè, is never trying to prove anything. While other pop stars are stuck endlessly deliberating how to upgrade their image and style, the songstress’ goal has always remained crystal clear: she wants to make you contemplate your existence and the experiences that come along with it. Ostarè chose to reexamine the sentiments of her songs after being in a catastrophic vehicle accident.

She has since dedicated her songwriting towards assisting people who suffer with their wounded inner child due to once feeling unwanted and unloved. Her latest single, ‘God Loves A Woman’ takes it inspirational cues from those sentiments, and strives to inspire people to love themselves, as well as embrace God’s love and healing presence in every difficult situation.

On her previous singles, ‘Show Em What You Got’ and ‘Deep Down’, Ostarè showcased her ability to take tried-and-true pop and dance formulas and hone them to perfection, crafting unashamedly empowering, and delightfully captivating music that never disappointed.  With lush, vibrant production and uplifting lyrics, ‘God Loves A Woman’ once again reaffirms that Ostarè’s faith in the virtues of self-belief is unshakable.

Just like on her previous tracks, ‘God Loves A Woman’ shows how focused Ostarè’s writing process has been on every emotion and experience self-love brings. Alternating between pulsing verses and a chorus highlighting her carefree, anthemic soar, her voice represents the trajectory of flourishing faith and empowering conviction. “I’m embracing my power. I’m worthy, I’m strong. You’re embracing your power. You’re worthy, you’re strong. God loves a woman,” sings Ostarè proudly.

There are few artists that are as dedicated and devoted to the integrity of their songs, as Ostarè. Moreover, she demonstrates her talent for sonically capturing the highs of each overwhelming, indescribable feeling in the song.

On ‘God Loves A Woman’ she’s confident enough about her thoughts and her abilities to open up, and hand out her advice to others who need to be reassured and uplifted. The result is big song, a big production, and big feelings.

‘God Loves A Woman’ creates a celebration of the sounds and sentiments that makes Ostarè’s music so enjoyable. It would not be unfair to claim that Ostarè has found a sonic formula that works well for her.  However, the real magic of her music goes beyond familiar pop or electronic music tropes.

What makes her music so enchanting is its complete and utter devotion to pure expressions of emotion and an insistent focus on the core values of life, love and faith. Qualities that have a particular resonance with her audience.

In essence, ‘God Loves A Woman’ has everything that makes Ostarè’s music lovable and inspiring, and raises the question of how many more sparkling musical gems she has hidden away, waiting to be released. This single solidifies Ostarè as an unwavering voice of outspoken honesty, and is further proof that she is capable of translating profound emotions and experiences into unshakable earworms. ‘God Loves A Woman’ is quite possibly the best Ostarè release, yet.

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