Don Pasquale Ferone – ‘Presenza’ – The search for peace through faith!

Don Pasquale Ferone is a priest from the province of Naples who loves music and composes songs of Christian inspiration, present on all digital platforms. From an early age he began attending church with his family. At 15 he learned to play the guitar and animated the various celebrations and charismatic prayer meetings in the parish. After receiving the Baptism in the Spirit, at the age of 10, with a group of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, he began to mature the choice to enter the seminary and became a priest in 1998. As a priest he continues to further cultivate his passion for the guitar and since 2017 he began composing music of Christian inspiration.

Currently a parish priest in the province and outskirts of Naples, Don Pasquale Ferone has various albums to his credit, including ‘Certezza’ 2017, ‘Confidenza’ 2018, ‘As a rock’ 2019, ‘The gift of Life’ 2020, and the EP ‘Fidelity’ 2020. He has also released a series of singles, with his latest being, ‘Presenza’. Don Pasquale isn’t looking to reinvent the wheel with his new release, instead he keeps it raw, organic and relatable. As sometimes is the case with his musical choices, the song has that stripped down homemade feel.

Don Pasquale Ferone relies on the layered strums and mellifluous picking of his acoustic guitars to create the sweeping and vibrant foundation of ‘Presenza’, where he unfolds the narrative of the search for peace through our faith and belief in the Lord. Even as the acoustic backdrop and subtle percussive embellishment bring in fresh elements, it is Don Pasquale Ferone’s clear and untainted vocals, which keeps this song in familiar territory for Christians.

Don Pasquale Ferone is one of the most inspiring, relevant, enjoyable and uplifting artists I have ever listened to throughout my time as an occasional CCM enthusiast. His lyrics always stays closely tied to the scriptures, while his music is never pretentious or overwhelmingly   embellished, so as to obscure its’ underlying messages. In fact, it is that precise simple formula of, melody, message and meaning, which elevates ‘Presenza’ into a heart-warming song.

‘Presenza’ provides us with a joyous melody, and an uplifting lyrical theme, written out of difficult and trying times, in the troublesome world we currently find ourselves living in. It leads to the hope, happiness, excitement and expectation any faithful Christian should possess. Don Pasquale Ferone offers up plenty of suggestions and advice towards either finding your faith, or reinforcing it. This is one of the reasons of the song’s motivational importance.

‘Presenza’ is to be commended and congratulated, as we witness Don Pasquale Ferone handing out clear and straightforward guidelines to finding your inner peace in the presence of the Lord. He continuously reminds us throughout this melody where we need to put our faith and belief on a daily basis. Don Pasquale Ferone gives us hope, courage and reassurance as we walk our own lives with Christ, using his words as a timely inspiration along the way.

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