Jashivo – “Keep It Simple” is as finessed and fine-tuned as ever!

Jashivo and Felix Kotlo continue their fruitful run of releases with the single “Keep It Simple”. It’s an immaculately crafted downtempo electro-pop tune, that sketches out the basic elements of the duo’s seamlessly produced sound. For every slowly rolled vowel and silky smooth croon from Jashivo, the song craft that Kotlo’s electronic beat offers is surprisingly all enveloping. Together they prove that electronics is still capable of interacting comfortably with a regular chill mood and suave vocal, as they produce yet another, relevant, interesting and innovative record with a nostalgic twist.

Jashivo has a knack for melodies and hooks, that are not to sugary or clichéd. Here again, throughout “Keep It Simple”, he comes up with a melody that gets stuck in your head and demands re-listening.

This is quite a feat, given both the subject matter and the manner in which he and Felix Kotlo choose to layer sounds. Jashivo’s voice gently soars over all else, as is to be expected. His vocal ability has become the project’s trademark, and it’s instantly recognizable as soon as he enters the song.

Melodic and warm, Jashivo and Felix Kotlo humanize electronic-based music in a way artists of this ilk rarely achieve. “Keep It Simple” is an instantly appealing song interspersed with artful, empowering, self-explanatory lyrics.

Jashivo’s vocal melody and delivery are gorgeous and perfectly fit the shimmering backdrop, and the booming basslines.  Jashivo has a sure and sensitive touch with mid-tempo songs like this, which positively shines with sincerity and feeling.

“Keep It Simple” is a tricky single. It has its pop-inspired moments but often travels into more introspective atmospheres. Jashivo lyrics are evocative, not too complex, emphasizing his continued empathy and zest for life. His songwriting is as finessed and fine-tuned as ever.

Tender and honest, both in its lyricism and musicality, the song encapsulates Jashivoìs continuously evolving musical and philosophical journey. Moreover, the deployment of his voice is an instrument of all its own, with his lush tones capturing the listener.

Throughout their releases together, Jashivo and Felix Kotlo, inspire and stimulate new ideas, insights and ambitions. The deep dripping bass tones and the reverberant keys, on “Keep It Simple”, results in a winning formula and an undeniable force.

Jashivo once again proves what we had already seen on previous releases, that his power as an artist is in his ability to start with simple, universal feelings and experiences and build glorious earworms around them with unforgettably catchy hooks.

“Keep It Simple” itself feels modern and cutting edge, but has a handful of classic pop production flourishes, that provide texture and atmosphere in unexpected ways. You can put the success of the song down to the amount of effort put into the project, by both Jashivo and Felix Kotlo.

“Keep It Simple” is further proof that everything these two creatives touch, turns to ear candy, regardless of its commercial success. It is a testament to their extraordinary talents. This is an infectious pop track showcasing Jashivo’s trademark steal-your-heart vocals, and Felix Kotlo’s smoother-than-silk production.


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