MOON AND ARIES – “BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One)” is part of an exciting trilogy!

The dynamic duo of made up of German composer and producer Tom Aries, and Canadian writer and singer, Jordana Moon, better known as MOON AND ARIES have created one of the best-produced synth-pop projects of 2022. A must have for any electronic music fan who loves their music lush and expansive with glorious ear-warming vocal arrangements. In truth, MOON AND ARIES breach traditional electronica boundaries as well as synth-pop limitations and forge their own unique sound, which they call Synth Pop Opera. With their track record for blending human emotion with cutting-edge production beyond gimmickry, MOON AND ARIES sets their own bar very high on each new release.

Their new Ep “BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One)” is a kaleidoscope of natural and electronic sound grounded in hypnotic melodies, memorable choruses and stimulating lyrics. It’s captivating, and extremely pleasing to the mind, body and soul.

Moreover its’s part of an exciting trilogy – EPISODE 2 which arrives in November of this year, while EPISODE 3 is set for release in February of 2023. All of this, of course, follows their highly acclaimed concept album “THE ARRIVAL”, released in February of this year, and the Ep “PARADISE” which dropped during June.

On successive listens to “BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One)”, it’s difficult not to be impressed with the results; there is such a lush silkiness and soaring power to MOON AND ARIES’ music that it can wrap itself around you with its sheer sonic luxury. It’s an absolute pleasure to listen to intently, to absorb the myriad of musical and vocal strands the two artists weave together. So repeating the experience a few times, is both necessary and ultimately rewarding.

Jordana and Tom started collaborating officially as MOON AND ARIES during March 2021, exchanging files across the ocean, between Canada and Germany. The two are artists in the truest sense of the word and their latest record “BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One)” is irrefutable proof.

There has always been a sense of wide-eyed adventurousness in every musical endeavor upon which MOON AND ARIES embarks, and this recording is not only, no exception to the rule, but it actually elevates that ambition to a much higher level.

Couple this with the fact that everything MOON AND ARIES do is executed with an unparalleled effortlessness both technically and emotionally, and it’s little wonder that they will soon be adored by fans the world over. The record opens with “Closer and Closer”. It dynamically fluctuates from intimate piano minimalism to undulating cinematic sweep on a whim and shows immediately why MOON AND ARIES’ music is always worth a second listen.

The phrase ‘attention to detail’ doesn’t really do justice to Tom Aries’ completely perfectionist tendencies in song construction. Tom builds layers of steadily growing sound, which allows for Jordana’s lyrics and vocals, to create deep pockets of mood and emotion, as she uses both vigor and grace in her deliveries. Her voice is smoky, but it also soars in an ethereal way that adds a certain gentleness to even her most dramatic performances.

“The In-Between” is a great cross-section of everything that makes MOON AND ARIES truly magnificent. Resonant pianos, throbbing drums, inspiring chord progressions and enticing melodies are only part of that equation. The juxtaposition of the heavily orchestrated programming and Jordana’s ever-gorgeous vocal work, lead to the truly stunning atmospherics. It’s a notable song for a number reasons not least the percussion work.

Surprisingly, the darker sounding, “Losing Control”, features Tom Aries as the lead voice. He does a great job of bringing a somber veil of melancholy to the track, and adds an extra dynamic to the MOON AND ARIES sonic template.

Each track on “BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One)” is its own self-contained universe of sonic exploration, yet they flow together seamlessly to complete the greater picture. Thoughtfully crafted, each little sonic element you hear within these songs is exactly where it’s supposed to be.

Tom Aries’ arrangements are layered and all consuming, with countless elements working together like a well-oiled machine, in which Jordana Moon’s vocals do the work of a superbly tuned instrument. This Ep is another triumphant step forward for MOON AND ARIES.


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