Agito Maruyama – “Universal Kindness” ft. Erin Ezekiel – another mesmerizing production!

The latest single by Agito Maruyama aka ItachiMode, entitled “Universal Kindness” ft. Erin Ezekiel, combines elements of dubstep, hyperpop, techno, R&B and house to create a unique brand of creative electronic music. The song bursts at the seams with intense bass textures, squealing synth effects, twinkling keys and skittering percussion. On top, sits a mellifluous and dynamic female vocal with resonant tones, backed by rich harmonies. The production blooms with sonic vibrancy, as Maruyama shows off his adept ability to push boundaries with texture, tone and style. Maruyama breathy synths and punchy percussion draw together an extraordinary track that manages to successfully combine the draws of mainstream pop with experimental twists and superb vocals.

Agito Maruyama’s  affinity for playing with texture, space, and frivolous rhythms, also comes to the fore here, as he builds a solid foundation that still leaves plenty of room for Erin Ezekiel to throw her voice around. Her contribution is strong, delivering a beautiful and talented vocal display cutting through the production. Wonderfully creative, “Universal Kindness” ft. Erin Ezekiel’s sensational breadth is a showcase of Maruyama’s undoubted talents.

“Universal Kindness” is a track that speaks to Agito Maruyama’s vision, giving listeners a taste of exactly who he is even if they’ve never listened to anything else in his discography.

When you listen to Maruyama’s music, you realize how little you know about it after experiencing the sheer depth and complex structures in his work, and “Universal Kindness”, like his previous tracks follows the same rules and hypnotic style of music. Quite simply, his productions are mesmerizing.

Agito Maruyama’s productions have always been about overlapping the conventionalities of electronic music with other sonic flavors. His bright, clean production sits well with the beat-driven electro as he impressively straddles the line between mainstream sounds and the more experimental edges of his craft.

Twinning synth trickery with all-embracing appeal is a mainstay of Maruyama’s craft, and “Universal Kindness” ft. Erin Ezekiel continues to blur the lines between off-kilter and accessible in its parallel-dimensioned pop.

“Universal Kindness” grips on to Agito Maruyama’s steadfast electronic sound, creating a record that feels innovative, yet entirely his. Resulting in a futuristic earworm that captures the imagination at the heart of Maruyama’s work.

Every now and then, a track comes along with that unique ability to capture you from start to finish and leave you in awe for how smooth, catchy and simple it sounds on the surface, despite all the technical complexities under the hood. This is one of those tracks.

Agito Maruyama produces quite evocative pieces of music that somehow sound immediately vibrant and playful. “Universal Kindness” ft. Erin Ezekiel, as can be assessed by its title, brings a heavy dose of uplifting happiness.

This is another remarkably confident release, from an artist who is carving out his own lane, and bringing many people along for the ride. “Universal Kindness” cements Agito Maruyama status as a forward thinking, genre-defying artist whose cutting-edge sound is truly unique.


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