Artic Baba – “Onde Radio” stamped with precision and power!

You know what a telltale sign of a good band is? When right from their very first single, they have an inescapable grip on everyone who hears them. You know what a telltale sign of a truly great band is? When they can repeat it, over and over again. That’s exactly what Milan (Italy) based band Artic Baba plan to achieve. Their new single “Onde Radio”, will no doubt be met with met with rapturous enthusiasm. It’s perhaps the magnitude and styling of it all that’s the most ear-catching. What Artic Baba can do in just over four and a half minutes on this single, effectively blows any, and all competition out of the water on impact.

The run of mountainous drums, and the carnivorous roar of guitars, strengthened by the rumbling bass tones, rip apart the earth from underneath it, while the vocals grind and soar from high-energy verses into euphoric choruses. “Imagine a new dimension. Life is an illusion that comes and flies away. Imagine a dimension where each single moment is already magic. Just like rivers flow towards the sea, my thoughts run through the radio waves,” recites the opening lines as Artic Baba lay down the narrative.

There is an unassailable edge in the racy rhythm on “Onde Radio”. A precision and power is stamped into the tiniest fibers of its DNA, raging through a galvanized heavy, but catchy sound that no one else is pulling off like this right now.

Artic Baba are fully-formed with a sound that’s decidedly their own and a vision that’s already expansive. Something about the combination of the driving guitars and the vocals, together with the production, boosts every angle of sound to be as colossal as possible.

It can also largely be attributed to a band who simply know how to channel their forward-thinking ambition into ass-kicking sound. Everything about Artic Baba screams of a band primed and ready to take modern rock’s baton for themselves, and to run with it for absolute miles. They sound ready to steamroll across both the classic and alternative rock landscape as one of the most exciting and essential bands around.

On “Onde Rock”, Artic Baba also show their command of catchy melody, which fits in nicely with their myriad of influences to create something fresh, ear warming and unflinchingly rocked-up. They deliver a thick dynamic sound with plenty of jangle and distortion, as well as kinetic chord transitions and harmonies to keep you on your toes as you’re listening.

Artic Baba really know how to write colossal anthems that are as searing and intense, as they are smooth and infectious. The future of guitar driven rock is in both safe and incredibly capable hands.


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