Frederick Wellington – My Heart & Soul” timeless music from another era!

There’s hardly a untrue note on the song “My Heart & Soul”. No rapping, no bombastic beats, no screaming guitars, and no heavy-handed attempts to sound hip and trendy. Instead, it is a heartfelt track, anchored in archetypal orchestrations and an honest, unspoiled performance, by a mature artist communicating a message of love. 52-year-old Frederick Wellington is a passionate singer-songwriter and recording artist from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. He has already released two albums, namely “I Got Mixed” and “Time Waits For No Man”, while he is currently finishing up his 3rd album “Make Peace With Your Past”.

Frederick Wellington’s rich baritone voice, his phrasing, and his almost-conversational approach on the song, “My Heart & Soul” taken from the album “Time Waits For No Man”, sounds it slipped right out of the golden era of magnificent crooners, anywhere between the 1940s to the late 60s.  Frederick’s sublime performance is proof that the art of crooning has stood the test of time. His style is nuanced and intimate, and reaches straight for the soul.

While his virtuosity is impressive, it’s the passion and honesty on display that makes this record so moving. The best part is, Frederick Wellington achieves this without ever having to lift his voice to overwhelming or melodramatic tones. It’s apparent that Frederick Wellington is a thoughtful musical craftsman, as “My Heart & Soul” is an impressive effort on every level.

Frederick’s abundant vocal charisma ignites all the longing, loss and romance coursing through “My Heart & Soul”. “You don’t know me like I do. I’m so alone without you. Why do you have to go away? You took my heart along with you. I tried and tried to live alone, but I couldn’t do it on my own,” sings Frederick Wellington as he unfolds the melancholic and nostalgic narrative.

The art of this kind of songwriting is to paint an incredibly relatable picture without resorting to any crudity; maintaining a level of class and elegance. Frederick Wellington can probably consider himself as a fully blossomed artist.

He has plenty of control and range as a vocalist and is beyond trying to make a great impression by overplaying these qualities. His thrust now is to merge his artistry with accessibility and true storytelling.

Frederick Wellington careful and considered approach to his music comes through on “My Heart & Soul”, while it doesn’t lack a bit of emotion either; the singer lives and breathes this song. In today’s age when the airwaves are filled with either bland, bombastic or crudely explicit love songs, it is refreshing to hear Frederick’s sophisticated take on similar subject matter. This is the type of song that is meaningful, demonstrating that the art behind music, is still alive in the modern arena.

Frederick Wellington’s talent really shines in this beautiful piece and anyone is able to appreciate his raw musicality. He brings classic American Songbook- styled music to a whole new level, with his pleasing voice and relatable lyrics, making “My Heart & Soul” a truly unique experience, and definitely a timeless piece.


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