Angelo Nicola Giuliano – “Earth, the Beginning” evokes a wonderful feeling of thoughtfulness

The first thing to consider with the piano-drive musical piece, “Earth, the Beginning”, is that is an Angelo Nicola Giuliano single, so there are bound to be moments of sheer beauty here. Giuliano, in his curating and crafting has made something that demands to be listened to in absolute silence. It is a floating, graceful, and soulful music capsule uncontaminated by both the restrictions and excesses of commercial clichés. Few in the world of neoclassicism and ambient music, champions the piano as simply and passionately as Angelo Nicola Giuliano. His playing is minimal, melodic and affecting.

Angelo Nicola Giuliano’s compositions feel beautifully tangible and intimate. Some of the true magic of his work comes from hearing the sound of the piano respond beneath his hands. The mechanisms within the instrument gently slide and reverberate, almost as if they are living beings. On “Earth, the Beginning”, the focus is solely on the piano. This results in a meditative and insular listening experience, which provides peace in these times of anxiety and uncertainty.

“Earth, the Beginning” shows Angelo Nicola Giuliano at his most intimate and thoughtful, and further achieves his goal in showing the resonant power of the piano, even in mellow compositions. The sparsely arranged track unmistakably demonstrate Giuliano’s class and skill in creating a certain atmosphere or mood. By means of the calm piano melody, he manages to evoke a wonderful feeling of thoughtfulness, especially with regard to the track’s title, which leaves plenty to ponder.

In all its simplicity, melody and atmosphere, “Earth, the Beginning” captivates from start to finish. True to form, the track does not so much erupt with lush melodies, but rather simmers and smolders with an airy and dreamy ambience, thanks to the delicate and wistful piano riffs. The leisurely pace of the music lulls the listener into a dream-like state and induces feelings that span the breadth between pure joy and deep sorrow. Depending on what your vision of the earth is, since it’s beginning, up until now.

Angelo Nicola Giuliano’s use of echoing atmospherics makes his arrangement sound full as he marinates the ambient soundscape with harmonious sonic pleasures. “Earth, the Beginning” shows off Giuliano’s propensity for creating a mood with dulcet tones as the enchanting instrumental never strays  into the nebulous stratosphere and acts as a soothing ambient backdrop that will leave listeners wanting more.

The play between high and low notes arouse our memories into an emotional and cognitive state of reflection. As mentioned before, there is a lot of reverb in “Earth, the Beginning” that gives it an otherworldly feeling. Very spare and atmospheric. The musical piece offers numerous opportunities for the unfolding of your own imagination: relaxing, immersing and thought provoking is the recipe for the ideal conception revolving around this imaginative composition by Angelo Nicola Giuliano.

Artists and entertainers are being depended on more than ever during the world’s current socio-political upheaval, kudos to Angelo Nicola Giuliano for offering us this comforting and contemplative musical nugget.


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