OR GOLAN – “Havagabond” drives your imagination!

OR GOLAN is a forward thinker, and though not entirely accessible to everybody, I honestly believe anybody with an open mind can listen to his creations. He delves in electronic music, yet it is hard to put him into a box, since you can feel influences from everywhere when listening to his stuff.  Minimal, eclectic beat-driven compositions have been his forte up until recently. In 2020, the Israeli music producer soared through the independent industry, when his single “I am Greedy”, raked in unprecedented success. Golan, who suffers from stuttering and a hereditary disease, known as FMF (familial Mediterranean fever), had come off a major setback previously when YouTube took down “The Wik Wik Song” – a track that at the time was increasing the artist’s popularity.

OR GOLAN’s brush with disaster didn’t finish there though. The 24-year-old producer never ever savored the fruits of the commercial success generated by “I am Greedy”, as he was swindled out of all the funds, which left him particularly deluded by the industry.

Up until then OR GOLAN had received massive radio play worldwide. He subsequently hit the top of the charts 15 times, which was followed by a vast number of radio interviews, plus 5 TV appearances in Brazil, in front of millions of viewers.

OR GOLAN opted for a moment of reflection and did not release any more songs for about a year after the delusion suffered with the single “I am Greedy”. Then suddenly he bounced back with a series of single releases, and his brand new track entitled “Havagabond”.

This new composition sees OR GOLAN expand his musical oeuvre. Gone are the throbbing beats and escalating bassline. In their place is a thoughtful cinematic soundscape with twisting synths and a mysterious atmosphere.

This is OR GOLAN as most casual fans have never heard him before. On the other hand, Golan’s hardcore fanbase, who have enjoyed his tracks, such as “Fooplipo”, “Sweeep” or even “Cinimatic”, will not be surprised, but delighted to hear the tones and timbres of “Havagabond”.

OR GOLAN is not simply who you thought he was. He is much more, musically. In addition, when he attempts new ideas and concepts, he usually succeeds in communicating his transition to audiences in the simplest of ways.

With “Havagabond”, OR GOLAN has proven himself to be a skilled composer and producer who knows exactly how to construct beautiful, arresting music with enough layers of intrigue to hold interest for multiple listens. Moreover, he achieves this with minimal instrumentation, and a short runtime to boot. “Havagabond” does not reach the two-minute mark, yet that is plenty of time for OR GOLAN to tell his musical story and highlight the art of his craft.

“Havagabond” is as creative, just as exciting, and just as rewarding as any of OR GOLAN’s tracks, despite being beat-less. It shows an artist spreading his wings and extending his vision in an ever-changing musical genre. It has the power to drive your imagination, lift the soul and create real emotion.


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