Luca Patrone – “Leavers” is loaded with warmth and soul

The track “Leavers” shows how far Luca Patrone has come with not just his understanding of music but his ability to grow and evolve, bringing his listeners along for the ride. A lot of Patrone’s appeal is that his work is more substantial than most electronic music. His music works wonders beyond conceptual techniques, speaking messages without words and evoking meanings without explicit communication, all while gorgeously illustrating the ideas and soundscapes his music is trying to characterize. The textures, tones and structures on “Leavers” are as soothing and refined as they are adventurous.

Luca Patrone

Luca Patrone is a self-taught composer blending piano solos and organic melodic techno. “I think music is very powerful but sometimes badly used. Listening to so many bad messages going around through music is wasteful and harmful from my point of view. So I decided to put good and strong messages in my music and spread it. Good messages in good music can heal people,” explains the artist.

On “Leavers”, Luca Patrone brilliantly captures the imaginative landscapes that our minds travel to during moments of pondering. Avidly exploring beyond the realms of tone and sound, here Patrone tackles the theme of ‘leaving’ – its meaning and its consequences.

“Leavers” is about leaving a job, a home, an old life, or even about letting go of negative thoughts, which induce hurt and anger. He suggests that ‘leaving’ means moving towards change, towards something new. In order to fully appreciate “Leavers” properly, you’ll need one thing: headphones. Listening through a pair is crucial for enjoying the many facets of this sensitive sonic marvel.

Luca Patrone deploys a vast array of effects and sounds, but uses them all economically, making proper use of colorful synth lines that can smile and whisper with equal impact, earthy basslines, understated voice-like harmonics, and the steady rhythm of rolling percussion. All these elements add up to a wonderfully nuanced record.

Luca Patrone resourceful sense of keeping the track interesting, by using varying keyboard and string elements to push the personality of the music into the foreground, easily penetrates the atmosphere.

The moments of sonic bliss on “Leavers” are balanced yet grandiose, simple yet intricate, and at their core, they drive the track’s energy towards imaginative and atmospheric realms loaded with enough warmth and soul to move even the most insensitive of people.

The amount of passion, emotion and conviction Luca Patrone puts into this work communicates his messages without words. How you perceive these messages depends on your own mindset and personal experiences.

A possible takeaway may be that, though the future can be unpredictable and uncertain, sometimes the discontent in our lives that we so desperately try to push away from, requires us to ‘leave’ places, people and situations that may be limiting our well-being, and move on.

The fact that Luca Patrone can communicate similar feelings without words makes the messages more powerful and meaningful. “Leavers” eschews the negative idea of running away from something, instead it is music that both reassures and inspires, in it’s plea to search for happiness and positivity in life.


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