DEADPHONECALLS – ‘Sometimes Hard, Sometimes Gold’ is drenched in lustrous dark mystery!

It’s insanely difficult for a newly heard electronic artist to please me, let alone impress me. Especially when they dabble in dark synthwave stylings akin to bands like Depeche Mode, who happen to be one of my all-time favorites. Having said that, the single “Sometimes Hard, Sometimes Gold” by DEADPHONECALLS leaves you with a tingling spine, and a desire for more of this awesome music. The gritty beat has a lasting impact, with each drilling bass drum and slapping snare pushing the thundering basslines and feverish synth sweeps. On top, the melodic vocals stand firmly in line with the epic soaring anthems of its kind. I could not believe I had not heard of this artist before.

“Sometimes Hard, Sometimes Gold” pulses in high concept waves and the mastermind behind it all, DEADPHONECALLS, creates retro-futuristic magic with synthesizers and a slick, invigorating sonic palette.

So who exactly is DEADPHONECALLS? “The acronym DPC, ‘Dead Phone Calls’ – has been borrowed from the so-called phenomenon ‘Phone calls from the dead’, in which people literally receive phone calls from a deceased person,” explained the artist. “Today it is a fairly common phenomenon, and has inspired several books and magazines catering to the followers of this kind of event and by the ‘EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena’,” he concluded.

“Sometimes Hard, Sometimes Gold” is drenched in lustrous dark mystery and pushes forth with a keen ear for structure, narrative and forward-thinking. It’s an impressive sonic arc but never overwhelming and with DEADPHONECALLS vibrant arrangement being accompanied by a graphic lyric sheet, depth is given to the music and it’s thrilling nuances. Neo-noir threads are held throughout, as the singer’s wonderful voice adds accessible texture and layers to a track that is laced atmosphere.

“Sometimes Hard, Sometimes Gold” is exhilarating and leaves no room for pause. DEADPHONECALLS is a vital force behind the keys and knobs, and he wields his electronic sounds with precision engineering, as he does with the elaborated vocal arrangements.

Each beat and instrumental interlude is carefully thought-out; its effect visualized and then inserted with meticulousness, to allow the sound to rage around your ears. Whether you adore this genre or not, DEADPHONECALLS’ music accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do at the highest degree.

“Sometimes Hard, Sometimes Gold” captures the listener in the clutches of his mysterious and mystical world. It succeeds as a well-produced, synthwave, darkwave or even industrial-styled electronic single that not only harnesses but also refines the usual tropes of those genres. And above, all it’s a sheer joy to listen to.

As a singer, songwriter and musician, DEADPHONECALLS has an immaculate attention to detail in the layering of his music and it truly positions him well amongst his peers in any of the aforementioned genres.

The cues for emotion are firmly loaded into the arrangement and rise up in waves to wash over you, adding up to an exhilarating listening experience. “Sometimes Hard, Sometimes Gold” sounds like a high-water mark for DEADPHONECALLS. This, his second official single, is a dynamic piece of work that will reveal more of itself with each repeated listen.

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