Ron Hamrick – “I’m Flyin’ High” is as endearing to the ear, as it is warming to the heart

Although he may be a musician of endearing gifts and a singer-songwriter of passionate intensity, Ron Hamrick has the demeanor of a grounded, down to earth human being, with a sensible vision. Ron, who grew up in Michigan, has a career that spans decades and includes multiple Top 10 Billboard hits to his credit. He studied classical music as a youngster and formed his first band at the age of 14. He penned his first hit in 1967, and was inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame in 2011.

Notwithstanding the time spent in the business, the caliber of Ron’s voice is undiminished. His always expressive, frequently soothing timbre is perfectly intact on his latest single, “I’m Flyin’ High” – a song about unexpectedly meeting the love of your life.

“I’m Flyin’ High” is a great song showcasing both melody and Ron Hamrick gifts as a storyteller. The production is fuss-free. It allows the arrangement and strong writing out into the world within an organically smooth but muscular piano and percussion driven framework. In fact, the production brings the ear in so close that it feels like a live show.

“There I was with my feet on the ground, and I saw you there across the room looking mighty fine. Better than all there. So I took a chance and caught your eye, and you smiled back with a twinkle in your eye. So I’ll give it a try. I said, I’m flyin’ high,” sings Ron Hamrick, as he elaborates his case, creating a truly exciting apex in the chorus.

As Ron Hamrick intended, the track is made of straightforward, honest to goodness lyrics and sonics, and the instrumentation along with the arrangement is another clear sign of that decision, with its traditional folk-rock and pop leanings, something of a departure from modern music’s currently unusual, bombastic forms.

That’s not to say there isn’t any creative flare on display here. It’s just that Ron Hamrick sticks to the traditional musical values of melody, harmony and rhythm in a methodical fashion. The result is a song that is as endearing to the ear, as it is warming to the heart. Ron’s confidence and understanding of his craft, as well as his ability to manipulate and dominate the art of making music sound simple and relatable, consistently captivates the listener.

From the music to the lyrics, “I’m Flyin’ High” makes for an entertaining journey. Confidence is key here, because it positively oozes from the song, which is a powerful, thoughtful, and beautifully performed piece. “I’m flyin’ high. My feet don’t touch the ground when I’m with you. It feels so right. All I want to do is be with you,” sings Ron, aided by his easy-on-the-ear voice, and eloquent storytelling.

With his smooth vocals and heightened sense of sentiment, as applied by his remarkable songwriting prowess, Ron Hamrick’s charming musical ways continue to entrance and delight, and speak for themselves on “I’m Flyin’ High”. There’s a reassuring power to the music, an affirmation that this long-serving singer-songwriter, still has a great deal of good music left to share.

Twitter: @RonHamrick
Instagram: @ron.hamrick

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