Pat Goode – “Makin’ it Right” moves with mesmerizing beauty, and powerful orchestration

The single “Makin’ it Right” as a whole represents all of the facets of Pat Goode’s musical journey, from the keen ear for melody, to the strong taste for adventurous, but organic sounding musical endeavors. Not one note too many, not one word unnecessary, Goode dishes out music that feels like it comes from another era. This is a thoughtful, haunting, heart-felt, and transcending piece of work, which never gives you the impression its trying hard to achieve those things. In this track, however, Pat Goode demonstrates his uniqueness as a composer and his knowledge of classic rock essentials and contemporary composition techniques at a very high level of competence.

Just the sound of listening to “Makin’ it Right” is a wonderful feeling. The instrumental layers can be heard with pristine clarity, while you are able to almost feel the sounds rather than just hear them.

The beauty of “Makin’ it Right”, is that it all sounds effortless, as Pat Goode slowly builds and colors the soundscape from skittering percussion, to warm piano chords and sweeping strings. His voice is mellifluous and understated, during the verses, where he uses only gentle flourishes of power, before unleashing more impacting emotion into the choruses, until they explode into a captivating roar.

Pat Goode understands the power and effectiveness of nuance, and leans on its charms all throughout the song, both vocally and instrumentally. The sound at the core of “Makin’ it Right” almost has the spirit of progressive rock built into its genes, while sounding quite different from the typical stylings of the genre.

In fact, it has the makings of Cinematic Pop weaved into its more obvious sonic aesthetics. The melody flaunts relatable contemporary pop flavors, as the music steadily expands towards orchestral-styled grandeur.

The lyrics on the other remain grounded, as the narrative unpacks the search for atonement and the power of forgiveness, which offers people the ability to reinvent themselves. The composition is multifaceted, displaying calmer segments before escalating into denser musical sections. Influences, imitations, and similarities hardly exist for “Makin’ it Right”, as it sounds perfectly in its own lane, while easily fitting into the mainstream mold, if it needed to.

Pat Goode, aside from being a great musician, is also an extremely gifted songwriter, his music is so powerful and moving that it is hard to do anything else but to sit down and listen to him.

On every level, “Makin’ it Right” is a powerful track that will really impact listeners if they allow themselves to be drawn into its inspirational tale. The composition moves with mesmerizing beauty, and powerfully arranged orchestration. Together with all these things, “Makin’ it Right” finds its own musical place in the world.

MORE ABOUT: Pat Goode is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who fuses alternative rock and pop flavors among others. An established resident of the Chicagoland music scene he grew up listening to artists such as Bruce Springsteen, U2, and ACDC, as well as greats like Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters and Joe Satriani. Goode currently plays with two bands – Kadooge and Junkyard Jet – as well as his pursuing his own emerging solo project. He has entered a prolific creative phase, and plans to release many new tracks in the coming years.

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