KOTONIC – “Alive” delivers jaw-dropping moments!

Whether or not you consider KOTONIC the next best thing to happen to the alt-rock genre, you’ll be asking them to stay for a quite while. Their brand of passionate alternative rock flavors is highly enjoyable and isn’t simply a stale outing that you only enjoy once like a piece of sugarcoated candy. Blending a sound that draws influences from the likes of Billy Talent, Manic Street Preachers, Foo Fighters and Green Day, this 3-piece band came together in 2019, and have been steadily growing their fan-base and presence within the industry since then.

For what it’s worth, all KOTONIC’s projects bleed of both passion and energy, essential qualities for successful rock infused records. Whether it be the anthem-inducing screams, or the successful blend between mellifluous ambience and crushing breakdowns, on their latest single, “Alive”, set to drop on 25th Jan 2023, KOTONIC show that they are more interested in making music than useless noise.

They’re not trying to be the heaviest band out there, nor are they infusing their sound with overwhelming pop-styled gimmickry. They sit comfortably in a space, which showcases, both true rock grit and incredibly catchy tunes.

If anything, KOTONIC have expanded their sound on “Alive”, and jaw-dropping moments is one of the things they do extremely well. It’s when the dynamics, vocals, production and playing just come together into a near-perfect ball of volatile sound, as it does here.

Having two powerful vocalists in a 3-piece band, already sets KOTONIC apart from many their contemporaries who struggle to have one great vocalist. Adam on vocals and guitar has a deeper, grittier delivery, while Ed on vocals and bass intersperses grit with high-ranging polish.

Drummer Lloyd is superb, accomplishing much more than just carrying the music through bass drum pedaling and snare shots. Together they make the single, “Alive” truly feel like a culmination of what they’ve been working toward from the start.

On a macro level, “Alive” is a total crowd pleaser. KOTONIC really went for broke, cracking their formula wide open and finessing what makes them work so well together. Everything sounds like a refinement or progression of the playbook that they’ve been working with from 2019. What’s most refreshing about “Alive”, is that it feels like there’s no barrier for entry. It’s a track you could play to just about anyone that likes rock music, and any of its subgenres.

There are just so many downright fiery moments on “Alive”, stuff that feels thrilling as a fan and exciting as a listener. Crushing guitar riffs, thumping drumbeats and rolling basslines form the scintillating foundation for both melodic and anthemic vocals. KOTONIC are confident enough now in their skills that they can careen from towering heights to a understated moment and back again, in a matter of seconds.

“Alive” is even more fluid and musically dynamic than their previous work. This is indicative of a band that’s having a good time challenging how far they can pull each other in any given direction.

Across the board, KOTONIC are using their instruments and voices with more gusto and determination than ever before, and being able to highlight those elements without making them feel like showboating is the mark of great skill and production. “Alive” is a single that is viscerally exciting, and makes you aware of the immense power this 3-piece band can produce when they’re firing on all cylinders.


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