Lorna Green – ‘The Rock’ is inspired by her spiritual journey

Lorna Green was raised in Derbyshire, England and discovered Christianity later in life. Although she loved music, a career in the industry never crossed her mind until she gradually...

Lorna Green was raised in Derbyshire, England and discovered Christianity later in life. Although she loved music, a career in the industry never crossed her mind until she gradually felt a calling to it over time. Her musical inspiration came from her faith and her involvement in the music ministry at her bible school in 1995. She is passionate about praise and worship, songwriting, and using music as a way to spread the gospel and share the love of Jesus. Lorna is currently working on her debut album, collaborating with Pinky Music London and recording at 3 Chronicles Studio in Wembley.

With her passion for music and her faith driving her forward, Lorna Green is on a mission to share her message with the world. Her music is a reflection of her heart, with lyrics that are inspired by her spiritual journey and her relationship with Jesus Christ.

Lorna’s first album is impatiently anticipated by fans, who are eager to hear the result of her collaboration with Pinky Music London and her use of the renowned 3 Chronicles Studio. Her partnership with this record label and production company is a testament to her talent and her drive to reach new heights in her music career. Few will argue that Lorna Green has one of the most distinctive voices and sounds in modern Gospel music.

With her wide-ranging register, the full force of her glorious pipes is unleased on her latest single “The Rock”, which leans on a funky R&B foundation, colored by fiery rock guitar motifs. Lorna shows that God has poured out the gift of songwriter and singer on her, as she puts her talented pen and voice to work on this project. Electrifying instrumental and production flavors, woven with spicy six-string flourishes, propel the piece as Green spins an inspiring and compelling narrative with her luscious vocals.

“Before I met you I was living a life of selfishness and gain. But then one day you reached out to me, and you delivered me from chains. You’re coming back again in glory, to judge the living and the dead. Every knee shall bow before you, and every tongue shall confess,” sings Lorna Green as she unpacks the personal wisdoms of her faith. The musical intensity of “The Rock” is testimony to the passion of the message.

Both classic and contemporary elements are fused together in this uplifting and upbeat song, with Lorna Green dominating over on top. The production is so expertly blended with the resonant vocal lines, making it very hard to simply sit back and take in “The Rock”. The richness of style, depth of expression and driving rhythm that the song offers will have you up on your feet and moving.

Slapping drums, percolating basslines and fiery guitars maintain the incendiary momentum, as twinkling keys infiltrate the layered arrangement. Over the top, Lorna Green pulls out all the stops and spares no extras. The song is reflecting on her journey to accepting Christ, and it is magnificent as her voice soars up to the heavens while she sings with conviction.

As Lorna continues to grow as an artist and a person, she remains grounded in her faith and her commitment to spreading the love of Jesus through her music. Lorna Green is a true inspiration to those who know her, and her music is a testament to the power of faith and the transformative power of the love of Jesus.


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