Sinful – “Lost” is worthy of multiple spins!

Sinful is 19 year old an artist from Kentucky who just started releasing music. “I see music as an art form I don’t want to get rich off of it I just love doing it,” says the artist. “Self-improvement is key to success and that’s my day to day to be better than what I was yesterday.” On his single brand new single “Lost”, Sinful sways between hip-hop and emotional pop music. The song features a dark and dramatic instrumental, a soul-clenching vocal performance, an unbelievable flow, and just pure passion overall. I think that Sinful is special. In my opinion, what he does really well is mix raw lyrics about his inner feelings with a melody and aura that are just too compelling to ignore. Here he sounds polished and proves that he’s able to connect with listeners from bar one.

What I find impressive is that Sinful sounds like a natural in each track he has recorded, finding the most captivating route to take to make it to the finish line. Despite his young age, he’s able to express his emotions in his music in a way that is clear and easy to relate to. On “Lost”, he is making sure he is delivering an unforgettable performance that will match any hype he may garner. Sinful uses this track as a chance to show why he may be one of the most promising young artists in the game.

“Lost” is a testament to Sinful’s riveting vocals and ear-worming talent. It stands a proof that he’s musical start feels more representative of an experienced artist 10 years his senior. Overall, there are lots of things to praise regarding “Lost”. The theme and lyrics work well. So does the piano-driven production and the female sung introductory hook. Ultimately, though it’s Sinful’s nuanced delivery, that steals the show.

“Lost” is brief, clocking in at just two minutes and thirteen seconds, but Sinful makes his point abundantly clear. This song is definitely worthy of multiple spins, and is a solid preface to any new releases he has coming in the future.

The amount of confidence exuded from this young man is absolutely surprising. Even now, with the release “Lost”, which is gaining traction, and his previous release “Don’t Worry” having clocked up the streams, you get the impression Sinful is already thinking about the next milestone on the horizon.

As mentioned previously, despite its brevity “Lost” feels immersive, dramatic, and like it’s heralding in something greater from Sinful. As he moves forward and continues to improve his craft, as well as acquire more connections within the industry, we will eventually get to hear a full-length project with non-stop hits from Sinful down the line.

Like most artists who clearly have something special, he still needs time to develop his own personal route. In the meantime, we can feast our ears on both his latest single “Lost”, and his previous release “Don’t Worry”.


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