Jashivo – “My Dreams” – the euphoric highs of love at first sight

Jashivo is a musical maestro whose stunning soundscapes and soulful vocals are nothing short of a revelation. This Bulgarian-born, Kyrgyzstan-based artist is a singer, songwriter, producer, and all-around creative force whose passion for music shines through in every note he plays. For Jashivo, music is not just a medium for expression, but a means of revealing his true self to the world. His songs are his autobiography, chronicling his beliefs, his trust, and his dreams, all through the lens of his unwavering devotion to love.

Jashivo’s latest single, “My Dreams,” done in collaboration with Felix Kotlo, is a masterclass in emotional storytelling, with Jashivo’s exquisite vocals and the beguiling instrumentation working in perfect harmony to create a soundscape that is both timeless and modern.

The production on “My Dreams” is a testament to Jashivo and Felix Kotlo artistic vision, with luscious layers of pianos, strings, and synth-brass blending together to create a truly enchanting listening experience. The tempo is slow and steady, perfectly balanced to allow Jashivo’s nuanced vocal tones to shine through, as he takes listeners on a journey through the euphoric highs of love at first sight.

Jashivo’s songwriting is top-notch, and his ability to infuse nostalgic-pop sensibilities into his work is truly impressive. The result is a sound that transcends genres, while still managing to evoke a sense of nostalgia that is at once comforting and electrifying.

Jashivo is a musical virtuoso whose artistry and passion are nothing short of awe-inspiring. His latest single, “My Dreams,” is a testament to his creativity and his ability to create music that touches the soul and stirs the heart. It is a beautiful, soulful ode to falling in love at first sight. The lyrics are simple yet effective, with Jashivo expressing his wonder and awe at the beauty of the person he has just met.

The opening lines, “When I saw you for the first time, I wondered how sublime a human being could be,” set the tone for the entire song. Jashivo is mesmerized by this person, and he can’t believe how perfect they seem to be. He questions whether it’s real or if it’s just his own perception.

Throughout the song, Jashivo’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of this person and their beauty. He talks about their eyes, lips, hands, and hips, and how they all contribute to their overall grace. He refers to them as “baby,” emphasizing the intimacy and closeness he feels with them.

The chorus is simple yet powerful, with Jashivo declaring that this person has “done it to him” and that he is now on his knees. The repetition of “your eyes, your lips, your hands, your hips, your grace, my dreams, our place, love trips” reinforces the idea that this person is all-encompassing, and that their love is transformative.

Overall, “My Dreams” is a beautiful love song that captures the feeling of falling head over heels for someone. Jashivo’s lyrics are poetic and heartfelt, and the simplicity of the chorus only serves to highlight the depth of emotion behind it.


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