dezabel – “We’ve Been Heroes” – the heartbreak of leaving home

Bilgi Sakarya, better known as Swiss-based producer, arranger and composer, dezabel, has emerged with a soulful and moving new single that is sure to tug on your heartstrings. “We’ve Been Heroes” is a modern pop-R&B tinged urban ballad that is bursting with emotional energy, thanks in no small part to the exceptional vocal performances of L.A. based singers Jazelle Paris and Roberto Valdez. These two talents blend their voices together seamlessly, creating a harmonious sound that is both intimate and vulnerable, and will undoubtedly resonate with listeners. The song’s lyrics are a poignant reflection on leaving home and the loved ones that we inevitably leave behind.

As we all know, leaving the familiar and venturing out into the unknown is never an easy feat. However, “We’ve Been Heroes” is a testament to the human spirit’s resiliency, encouraging us to keep moving forward and never look back. Co-writers, Bilgi Sakarya and Roberto Valdez’s lyrical prowess is on full display in this powerful tune, and the sentiment behind the song’s message is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever had to say goodbye. The song is heartfelt and overwhelmingly honest. What’s more, the production on “We’ve Been Heroes” is top-notch, with a sophisticated and pristine sound that is impossible to ignore.

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The song’s emphasis on melody, emotion and an immersive sonic atmosphere is evident from start to finish. It is an extraordinary demonstration of depth and skill. dezabel, is able to produce music that feels both modern and timeless. His musical foundation at The Academy of Contemporary Music during the nineties, and the continuous development of his expertise in songwriting and music production at the Berklee College of Music, is evident throughout the track, and is very much a strength in all of his work.

In an interview, dezabel spoke about the inspiration behind “We’ve Been Heroes” and his experience working with Jazelle Paris and Roberto Valdez. “I am excited to release ‘We Were Heroes’ and to collaborate with these two talented singers,” he said. “This song is a reflection of the emotional journey we all go through when leaving home and the people we love. I hope the listeners will find a connection with the lyrics and the music.”

The opening verse of “We’ve Been Heroes” sets the tone of the song, with the singer Roberto Valdez’s resonant voice expressing surprise at having to leave home and move on to a new destination. The pain of leaving is palpable, and the lyrics paint a picture of someone who is torn between the familiarity of home and the promise of a new adventure.

The pre-chorus echoes this sentiment, with the singer urging himself to leave everything behind and move forward. The chorus then drives the point home, with the repeated refrain of “We’ve been heroes our whole lives,” implying that leaving home is a heroic act in and of itself.

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The second verse is a mirror image of the first, with the emotional voice of Jazelle Paris imagining what it would be like to watch a loved one leaving home. The pre-chorus here is more melancholic, with the singer expressing a desire to look back and hold onto the memories being left behind, before elevating into the chorus.

The bridge is the emotional center of the song, with the Roberto Valdez struggling to say goodbye to someone they love. The lines “Looked life in the eyes. Said you’re ready to fly. But I can’t find myself to say goodbye,” are particularly resonant, capturing the conflicting emotions of pride and sadness that come with watching someone you care about move on.

Overall, “We’ve Been Heroes” is a beautifully crafted ballad that captures the heartbreak of leaving home and the courage it takes to move forward. The lyrics are deeply relatable, and the shared vocals between Jazelle Paris and Roberto Valdez are a testament to their vocal chemistry. This song is a must-listen for anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to the place they call home.

In conclusion, “We’ve Been Heroes” is an excellent addition to the urban pop-R&B canon, a moving ballad that is both raw and refined. dezabel’s songwriting, arranging and production is top-notch, and the vocals of Jazelle Paris and Roberto Valdez add a level of depth, emotion and clarity that is hard to come by. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable musical experience.


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