Annick A Adjo: A Melodic Force Blending Passion, Resilience, and Soul!

Parisian-born and raised with Ivorian roots, Annick A Adjo’s life journey has been an extraordinary one. After spending over three decades in the vibrant city of London, immersing herself in the worlds of fashion and media, she has returned to her home country, France, with a renewed focus on her lifelong passion: music. As a singer-songwriter, she gracefully intertwines her musical talents with collaborations with gifted musicians, seamlessly bridging the realms of French and English in her songwriting. Now in her 60s, Annick A Adjo stands tall and proud, having finally embarked on the path she always yearned for. Her music finds its inspiration in the depths of soul and jazz, drawing from the likes of iconic artists such as Anita Baker, Sade, Toni Braxton, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington, Shirley Horn, Marvin Gaye, and Luther Vandross.

With a series of compelling singles under her belt, Annick A Adjo is making an indelible mark on the music scene. At the pinnacle of her accomplishments rests the poignant and powerful composition, ‘I Can’t Breathe.’ Originally penned in French over 15 years ago, this heartfelt song took on new life in the aftermath of the tragic murder of George Floyd. The graphic depiction of his final moments compelled Annick A Adjo to take action.

Revisiting the song and reimagining it in English proved to be both challenging and cathartic, providing her an outlet to channel the overwhelming pain and helplessness she experienced. Though the journey toward justice is far from over, open conversations and education have emerged, shedding light on the fact that being Black should never be seen as a threat.

Another standout in Annick A Adjo’s repertoire is the enchanting French-language track, ‘On Avance.’ This composition delivers a powerful message of resilience, urging listeners to remain steadfast in the face of obstacles thrust upon them by the powerful. Inspired by the tumultuous landscape of the Covid-19 pandemic and the accompanying political environment, ‘On Avance’ serves as a rallying cry, a reminder that progress is possible even amidst adversity.

Annick A Adjo’s performances exude a genuine honesty, her earnest voice serving as a vessel for the profound narratives she weaves. These narratives find a perfect home within melodious musical arrangements that provide a sublime backdrop to her lyrics.

‘I Can’t Breathe’ is a slow-burning ballad, graced with the delicate touch of piano and strings, evoking a sense of introspection and melancholy. In contrast, ‘On Avance’ is propelled forward by a rhythmic, joyous mid-tempo beat that strikes the perfect balance between exuberance and serenity.

In the lyrics of ‘I Can’t Breathe,’ Annick A Adjo bares her soul, asserting that the color of her skin will never define her dreams. She refuses to succumb to the limitations imposed by others, forging her own path with unwavering determination.

The lives unjustly taken only serve to strengthen her resolve, as every breath she takes fuels her resilience. No matter what obstacles may come her way, she remains unbreakable, steadfast in her identity and refusing to be anyone’s weapon.

‘How long will this hate go on?’ she implores, as she mourns the countless lives lost to senseless violence. Annick A Adjo yearns for healing, for a future where understanding prevails. She implores us to open our minds, to discover the true essence of community – one filled with joy, hope, and a twinkle in our eyes. The daily struggle in a world fraught with danger weighs heavily on her, and she demands an end to the injustice..

‘On Avance’ beckons us to break free from the confines of our sheltered existence, to rise above the mutterings and whispers that surround us. Annick A Adjo refuses to be silenced, choosing instead to lend her voice to the call for progress.

She urges us to move forward together, to confront the harsh reality and question the brutality that pervades our society. She grapples with the complexities of power, emphasizing the illusion that it bestows upon those who wield it.

Yet, even amidst this reality that is difficult to comprehend, she refuses to give up. Dancing and suffering are juxtaposed, representing the struggle of a world that should be filled with joy but is instead marked by pain. Annick A Adjo’s unwavering spirit inspires us to move, to take action, and to continue progressing on this journey we call life.

Annick A Adjo’s music is an embodiment of resilience, a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Through her heartfelt melodies and soul-stirring lyrics, she calls for unity, understanding, and progress. In her songs, she reminds us that we are all fundamentally the same and implores us to empathize with one another’s pain.

With her unwavering dedication to her craft and her unyielding pursuit of her dreams, Annick A Adjo has proven that it is never too late to embark on the path to fulfillment. She stands as a beacon of inspiration, a living testament to the power of following one’s passion. So let us join her on this melodic journey, celebrating the beauty of diversity and striving for a world where everyone can truly breathe.


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