Chingy drops the music video for the track “Ballen”

Multi-platinum entertainer Chingy is back with a bang as he unleashes his latest album, ‘Chinglish,’ to fans worldwide. Released on June 16th, the album is a testament to Chingy’s authenticity and showcases his unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch music. ‘Chinglish’ is available through TLG/Ingrooves on 369 Creative Mind Records, marking a new chapter in Chingy’s illustrious career.


Following the tremendous success of his previous albums, Chingy brings his unique style and fresh perspective to ‘Chinglish.’ The album features hit singles such as “Can’t Blame Me,” “Rewind Time,” and “Dat Good,” proving that Chingy hasn’t missed a beat since his debut. With his characteristic flair, Chingy fearlessly produces music that resonates with his artistic vision, embodying the true spirit of his own label.

Few artists can match Chingy’s extraordinary accomplishments, having sold over 25 million albums and amassed over a billion streams. Despite his massive success, Chingy remains committed to staying true to himself and his fans. His dedication to authenticity and artistic integrity sets him apart in the industry.

To celebrate the release of ‘Chinglish,’ Chingy has unveiled the latest music video for the track “Ballen,” which can be viewed at Fans can also stay up to date with all things Chingy by visiting


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