A Secret Meaning – “Doing Things I Shouldn’t Do” – a tantalizing precursor to the forthcoming album!

Amidst the lockdown tumult of 2020, when the world shrouded itself in solitude and silence, a clandestine force began to stir within the confines of isolation. Emerging from the creative crucible, where fervent souls found solace, came the enigmatic alternative rock artist, A Secret Meaning. Unbeknownst to the world, this solitary visionary embarked on a sonic odyssey, crafting a musical realm unbounded by conformity and driven by the desire to transcend his own limitations. Initially conceived as a humble endeavor to compose a single tune for his covers band, circumstances dictated a different course. As the artist’s fingers danced upon the strings, ink spilled onto paper, and melodies took shape, a revelation occurred.

The creation that materialized bore little resemblance to the harmonic tapestry his band would traditionally weave. It dawned on him that his artistry should no longer be beholden to the confines of others’ expectations. Thus, the metamorphosis commenced, and A Secret Meaning blossomed into an introspective pilgrimage—a personal conquest to compose and capture an entire album.

The enigmatic moniker “A Secret Meaning” aptly encapsulates the essence of this sonic enigma. It is a testament to the artist’s desire to remain shrouded in obscurity, concealed behind a veil of mystery. Yet, there is a profound duality to the name, for each composition harbors its own clandestine and intimate significance, veiled beneath the surface of lyrics. Additionally, the artist finds delight in the name’s abbreviation, ASM, its brevity reflecting the essence of his musical reverie.

As the lockdown provided ample time for introspection, a new facet of A Secret Meaning’s artistic expression began to materialize—an immersive visual realm that mirrored the auditory domain. With each subsequent creation, a music video blossomed alongside the song, intertwining sight and sound in a mesmerizing embrace. This symbiotic marriage of visuals and melodies transformed the album into an audio-visual opus, a testament to the artist’s boundless creativity.

Within this mesmerizing soundscape, A Secret Meaning’s lone figure reigns supreme. Every note, every lyrical inflection, every sonic layer that reverberates through the ether has been meticulously composed, performed, and recorded by his hands alone. This deeply personal endeavor has honed not only his songcraft but also his technical prowess in the realms of mixing and production. Every painstaking step has unveiled a new vista of possibilities, and the artist has embraced this transformative journey with unwavering determination.

The album’s completion, a monumental achievement born from arduous dedication, beckons on the horizon. Though it may not bear the polished sheen of a studio-bound maestro or the stamp of a record label, it stands as a testament to the resilience and unyielding spirit of a solitary artist. The amalgamation of each drumbeat, each meticulous production flourish, stands as a testament to the artist’s unwavering commitment to his craft. Even the arrangement of the tracks themselves became an ethereal experience, guiding listeners on an emotional odyssey carefully curated to elicit profound responses.

The grand unveiling commences with the incendiary anthem, “Doing Things I Shouldn’t Do.” Released as a tantalizing precursor to the forthcoming opus, this sonic marvel pulls listeners into an exhilarating maelstrom of nervous energy. From the opening notes, the electrifying jolt of adrenaline cascades through one’s veins, much like the thrill of illicit transgressions. A Secret Meaning’s resonant vocals entwine with gritty guitars, a relentless rhythm underscoring the song’s gripping narrative.

The lyrical tapestry of “Doing Things I Shouldn’t Do” unfolds like a secret whispered in hushed tones. A quick call, a mere gesture to ascertain safety, serves as the prelude to an adventure shrouded in both trepidation and allure. Each verse delves deeper into the realm of forbidden experiences, where boundaries are blurred, and choices linger on the precipice of consequence. The artist, ensnared within the clandestine web he has spun, explores the haunting dichotomy of indulgence and restraint. The lyrics, like cryptic riddles, resonate with hidden emotions, tantalizing listeners with their enigmatic charm.

Within this sonic masterpiece, A Secret Meaning masterfully weaves a captivating tale, an ode to the intoxicating allure of forbidden spaces. The track pulsates with an irresistible rhythm, reverberating with the relentless urgency of heartbeats gone astray. Through the sinewy cadence, the artist plunges listeners into an uncharted sonic realm, where secrets entwine with melody and shadows dance to the rhythm of clandestine desires.

As the countdown to the album’s release reaches its crescendo, anticipation swells in the hearts of fans and aficionados alike. ‘A Scratch Beneath The Surface’, the aptly titled opus, promises to unravel the intricate layers of A Secret Meaning’s artistry, beckoning listeners to embark on an expedition into the unexplored territories of sound and emotion. So prepare yourself to surrender to the enigmatic allure of A Secret Meaning.

OFFICIAL LINKS: https://www.youtube.com/@asecretmeaning642

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