Gliffo Drops Club Mix Extravaganza of His Smash Hit “I Want You” ft. Yo from HeYoMa!

Prepare to be transported on a sonic time-traveling journey, my fellow dance music devotees, as the multi-award-winning sensation, Gliffo, unveils the scintillating club mix of his chart-topping single “I Want You.” Oh, but that’s not all! Hold onto your dancing shoes as Gliffo teams up with the uber-talented producer, Jörg Sieghart, to deliver a truly electrifying experience that is bound to make your heart race and your feet move!


Hailing from the mesmerizing city of Munich, Gliffo has already bagged an awe-inspiring collection of national and international music accolades, and with each new release, he sends shockwaves through the music realm.

Last year, he unleashed the infectious pop-rock anthem “I Want You,” leaving us all yearning for more. And now, dear dancefloor disciples, he’s taking it to a whole new level with the pulsating beats of the “I Want You” (Club Mix) featuring HeYoMa.

Now, you may wonder, what sets this club mix apart from its predecessor? Well, folks, Gliffo is a maverick of innovation, and he ingeniously retains the beloved “vintage vibe” that’s reminiscent of the glorious 80s era, where disco reigned supreme. But that’s not all, because he has masterfully pumped it up to make it the ultimate dancefloor dynamite.

Picture this: powerful synth bass replacing the traditional bass guitar, and a bass drum that dominates the mix, creating a pulse that’ll synchronize your heartbeat with the rhythm of the night! A quintessential feature of Gliffo’s signature sound is the resonant and hypnotic timbre of his voice, which draws you into a captivating trance. But, wait, there’s more magic sprinkled in the mix.

Gliffo & Selin Akbaba

The marvelous vocals of Berlin’s very own Selin Akbaba and the exceptional producer extraordinaire, Jörg Sieghart (also known by his stage personas “Jo Oliver” and the incredible “Yo” from HeYoMa), amplify the chorus sections to ethereal heights. These talented artists weave their enchantment seamlessly into Gliffo’s sonic tapestry, leaving you mesmerized and craving more.

Let’s talk about those mesmerizing guitar parts, shall we? Gliffo’s sound knows no bounds, and you’ll find the versatile guitar work seamlessly infused into every production, whether it’s a rock-infused pop ballad or an electrifying club anthem like “I Want You.” The strings of those guitars dance in harmony with the beats, adding that extra bit of magic that makes Gliffo’s creations truly extraordinary.

And let’s not forget the impact of Yo’s collaboration. The influences of Yo and HeYoMa reverberate throughout this stunning club mix, infusing it with an undeniable nostalgic charm – a fusion of 80s disco vibes encased in a modern sonic marvel. The result? A timeless yet contemporary dance anthem that bridges generations and is guaranteed to set every dance floor ablaze.

The cover artwork

So get ready to unleash your inner dance demon as you surrender to the mesmerizing spell of Gliffo’s “I Want You” (Club Mix). This is an extraordinary firecracker of sonic delight, tailored to make you sway, spin, and lose yourself in the music! Whether you’re a young soul eager to experience the magic of the 80s or a seasoned aficionado looking for the next addictive club track, Gliffo’s creation has got you covered.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a sonic extravaganza that’s bound to leave you breathless, wanting more, and hitting that replay button time and time again. Gliffo and Jörg Sieghart have brewed a musical elixir that captures the essence of dancefloor euphoria and distills it into a single, electrifying master mix. “I Want You” (Club Mix) is currently climbing the Dance Music Charts in Germany.

So dear music mavens, seize this opportunity to embark on a transcendental musical odyssey. Let Gliffo take you on a soaring ride through time and space, where vintage allure meets contemporary brilliance. “I Want You” (Club Mix) featuring HeYoMa is here to steal your heart and ignite your soul! Get ready to dance the night away!



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