• VIDEO: The new single “Memories” from Sam Matthews ft. Mischca

    The new single “Memories” from Sam Matthews features the talented singer Mischca. Once again he delivers a new song in this unique electro house sound and the fantastic vocals work perfect with it!  Connect with Sam Matthews: WEBSITE: SPOTIFY: FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: BEATPORT: APPLE MUSIC: DEEZER: TIDAL:
  • Matthew Hipps: “Memories” – honest, organic, melodic, and yet cutting edge!

    19 year old Indie singer-songwriter Matthew Hipps has released and began the promotion campaign for his new single “Memories”, already available as a download. Following up the release of Mad Glory’s “Red Wine Blues,” Hipps joined Logan Starks with “Stark’s Sounds” to develop the clean recording and production for...