Doc Will: “Capes” – Everything here sparkles!

Walter “Doc Will” Williams is a rapper & producer from Decatur, GA. Doc Will is on the pre-med track at Georgia State University and is a Psychology major. Socially conscious, focused on originality, and seeking to inspire and uplift his peers, Doc says: “My emphasis is on originality and empowering my generation through positive motivation.”

Doc Will
Doc Will

Doc Will has just released his latest single, “Capes”, which is off of Doc’s upcoming project titled, “Before I Leave East Atlanta”, scheduled to be released in September. Hip-hop fans are a tough bunch to please. New artists are maligned for not sounding like the old ones, and when they do, they’re criticized for not bringing something new to the table. This is where Doc Will is different.

Hip-hop artists are applauded for being “real”, but what this reality encompasses is never explicitly stated. In a genre that expects its great artists to submit to a vague set of ideological rules, it may seem difficult to pinpoint exactly where  Doc Will fits into the pantheon of upcoming hip-hop royalty.

One thing is clear though, Doc Will breaks plenty of rules as a rapper from Atlanta. Doc produces his own music, is on course to graduate college with a pre-med concentration, and does autism therapy ( ) when he’s not rapping. Now that’s an absolute abnormality in the current game set. Yet he somehow pulls it off.

In just over 30 years hip-hop has progressed from street corners to stadiums and while it has lost much of the rawness of its earliest incarnations, it has become a worldwide force in the hands of able creators. Doc Will’s music is an exemplary model of what it can become and where it is headed.

A thorough listen reveals that Doc’s wordplay is often deceptively complex. With Capes, the scene Doc Will sets is much different. The song is less lyrically focused than his previous releases and gives off a more confident, smooth, fun vibe. After hearing Capes, and Don’t Make Me (, we cannot wait to hear the rest of “Before I Leave East Atlanta” in September.


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