Spzzy Turnt: “THE KITCHEN (Bobby Brown)”

From his acclaimed EP, “4EVA Turnt” , Spzzy Turnt drops the single, “THE KITCHEN (Bobby Brown)”. Throughout the track, Spzzy Turnt uses the skills we have seen in the past while flaunting his maturing abilities. His flow, tone and voice have always been strong but his lyrical ability this time around is the strongest ever.

spzzy-turnt-kitchen-350This one has the distinction of being a track that will require time to unpack and grasp with more listens. It has such a diversity of sounds, vibes that it sets itself apart from some of Spzzy Turnt’s previous works.

From a continued commitment to the heavy base and grandiosely epic sound that has become synonymous with Spzzy since the release of the EP, to a more melodic chord structure, “THE KITCHEN (Bobby Brown)” moves through different paces and sounds with little to no issue.

Spzzy Turnt plays to his strengths all throughout the song – showing that his rapping, charisma and personality stand out in the crowd. For a true fan of hip-hop this would hit the spot on a few different levels and for the casual hip-hop fan the hooks are catchy enough to warrant multiple listens.

spzzy-turnt-kitchen-350bIn all, “THE KITCHEN (Bobby Brown)” is a solid track that should get fans of the genre excited and wanting to listen to the EP. Spzzy Turnt’s willingness to explore hooks is refreshing. Too often hip-hop artists try to carry a track on rhymes alone and do nothing to attract the casual, or first time listener as a whole.

That’s not the case here, as the track is loaded with captivating sounds, effects and hooks.

Just like the rest of the EP, “4EVA Turnt”, “THE KITCHEN (Bobby Brown)” is dope in its aesthetic and its attempt at experimentation. Spzzy Turnt takes his listeners on a wild ride full of soul and trap passion, as well as a great production to create one hell of a project.


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