The Estate Amsterdam sweats and bleeds emotion into its music!

The Estate Amsterdam is one of those young upcoming bands that will have an effect on you emotionally, they will make you realize there are still rock bands that can make music to reach inside your soul and twist and eat away at. That’s what today music is lacking, there isn’t emotion or depth in much of today’s music, why do you think rock is slowly decaying away.

THE-ESTATE-AMSTERDAM-350Much of it is corporate rock – a bunch of power chords played coldly and clinically. Hardly will you even find power trios anymore – a rock n’ roll format extremely popular during the 60s and 70s. So when you bump into Armani v. Engelen (Keyboard, bass and vocals), Boaz Vida (Drums, percussion and vocals) and Simon Haneveld (Guitar and vocals), who together form The Estate Amsterdam, you realize that the project is something special, even before you hear the music.

The Estate Amsterdam is a young band based out of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Their brand of music is influenced by a broad mix of styles including blues-rock, hard rock, funk and jazz-rock. But the band take a blend of those sounds take and add some more dimensions to it.

They make it heavier, louder, and more kicking. The full power of that sound is captured on the raw and raucous “Tell Me The Truth” which also showcases some awesome soloing by Simon Haneveld on guitar. People will rave about Simon’s guitar playing, and rightly so – he’s hot soloing, fills out a big sound on rhythm parts, and uses dynamics well.

“Nowhere To Be Found” focuses on the band’s slower side. The synergy of The Estate Amsterdam on this song is like few others. They blend together with a strong driving bass line, a hard edged drum rhythm and guitar that send shivers down your spine, as they change tempo and feel throughout the song.

THE-ESTATE-AMSTERDAM-LOGOThe lead vocals scream and soar with a determined energy adding to the rock dynamics. The lyrics are strong and visual; the instrumentation is clean and paints a highway to follow for the listener, on “After The Rain”.  With more emotion, more groove, and more soul in one guitar lick or one vocal line, than the sum of most popular rock music from the last few years, The Estate Amsterdam demands to be heard by anyone and everyone who demands more from music and musicians.

Cheap, ripped off and repeating riffs don’t exist here. Too-cool-to-care vocals cannot be found either. What can be found, however, is a band that simply sweats and bleeds emotion into its music. Considering that I listened to these tracks directly from a live show, you know there is no studio trickery either.

Armani van Engelen, Boaz Vida and Simon Haneveld are talented and connect perfectly, creating an almost jam-band sound that is visceral and raw. Great guitar playing and gutsy vocals, tight bass and keyboard sounds, plus the powerhouse drumming, all mix together making a big heavy sound, that gives us the opportunity to see how the classic power trios might sound today!


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