Venus in Chains 100: A Project For Love, Peace and Harmony in this world!

Venus in Chains 100 is a Summer Project of Music initiated by the director and founder of the project – Isobella Caroline Boucher. It is a massive project with many contributing artists from all over the world bringing a myriad of music genres to the table. The musical extravaganza of a 100 songs is divided into 5 CDs, and has one goal in mind – to create a musical masterpiece for Love, Peace and Harmony in this world.

Venus in Chains 100
Venus in Chains 100

This what you would describe as freedom of style, freedom of choice and freedom of expression, as each one of the artists featured in the project has something very beautiful to offer – and that is their very own original artistic creativity, resulting in a diverse and disparate musical communion with common intrinsic values.

When speaking about the project you will hear mention of positive and inspiring words such as: love, humanity, morals, ideas, motivation, understanding, beauty, expression, uniqueness, awareness, compassion, caring, forgiveness, peace, kindness, standing together, realizing our difference, appreciating the differences, working together, working alone, sharing, and caring.”  “And all those things that can make a difference in this world,” adds Isobella.

Venus in Chains 100
Venus in Chains 100

This particular segment of the 5 CD series features songs from the EDM, Electronic and Alternative Rock genres. Isobella Caroline Boucher’s presence is significant on the album as she is the composer of many songs.

So we can be certain that the songs will be injected with avant-garde or progressive musical ideas, as Isobella’s visionary outlook on music is to surpass limits and boundaries and go as far as her mind will take her. Surprisingly though, many of these songs have a well-balanced mix of Isobella’s musical eccentricity and conventional music structures.

Meaning the songs are easily accessible and first time listeners to Isobella’s compositions and performances will thoroughly enjoy the blend of electronic beats and ethereal vocals. It’s like an amalgam of Dream Pop, Trip-Hop and Shoegazer music injected with EDM rhythms.

Isobella Caroline Boucher
Isobella Caroline Boucher

You can savor these mixes in Isobella’s collaborations with Tad Sharpe, and Sara Mae Villa. “Lust Lullaby” by DSI is another great track. For something ghostly, yet funky try “Childhood Paranoia” with Mike Sargent. And If its pure melodic groove you’re after, you will love the track “She Comes To Me” by Bobby Cramer.

On my outstanding list, I have also marked “Camarillo” by Bobby Cramer. Cramer is more of a mainstream music artist so it is obvious that his tracks will impact first, but there is plenty more to appreciate in this project. Such as the title track “Venus In Chains” which combines the talents of Isobella Caroline Boucher and Tad Sharpe.

The artists on this album include: Isobella Caroline Boucher, Sam Cohen, Ridade Starsies, Peter Rees, Brenda Bennett, Sara Mae Villa, Nigel Bell, Robert Craymer, Lloyd David Lieberman, Denardo Lee Gastin, Jonathan Newman, The Band DSI, Mike Sargent, Jake Anderrssen, Tony Sokol, Alex and Hale Yamato Alex.

This is a treasure that is priceless in terms of its humane and artistic intentions. The music is creatively unique with Isobella Caroline Boucher’s experimental prowess, ethereal and sometimes groovy atmospherics adding a refreshingly dynamic element to the Venus in Chains 100 project.


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