Ace Drucci: “Always” ft London Blu – You can bump this anywhere!

Ace Drucci is an artist producer and artist from Washington, DC whose roots begun as a musician in various bands throughout the DC Metro area at age 15. Ace Drucci has worked as a producer on songs with 2 Chainz, Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo, Lil Scrappy and a few more and has received a gold record for his debut single “Down To Ride”. Now Ace Drucci drops his latest single, “Always”, which once again features London Blu, the singer, songwriter and hip-hop artist form Hampton, Va.

Ace Drucci showcases his singing and rapping talents over a moody production, though with a hardened, street mentality. Always trying to snatch the crown, this follow up single to his debut feels like a defining moment. Is he a star of the future, or just an artist currently gaining massive buzz with an adept ability to conquer the popular styles of the moment?

ace-drucci-always“Always” is full of warm timbres and a melody that emphasizes love and sex thanks to dreamy riffs and spacey electronics. Current production trends are represented with a slow-jam Caribbean flavored beat and vocal.

The true beauty of this track is that it isn’t limited to just one type of mood. That might sound weird for a three minute song, but such is the case. There’s the male singing, then there’s the male rap and then female rap verse– all events which bring a totally different flavor to the track.

You can bump this anywhere, from smoking a blunt with the homies, to cruising through the streets of LA, and in the bedroom with shorty. And as can be expected Ace Drucci brought the heat on this track. It is a beautifully crafted reenactment of life in its rawest form – a true, rags to good-times story – chasing papers and pussy.

It is safe to say that Ace Drucci sounds like he bared his heart and soul, which is what deems this creation to be a work of particular interest. The fact that Ace Drucci is capable of switching his vocal range from high to low, while also spitting hot fire will blow your mind!

If you are looking for something slow and smooth to help you unwind then I guarantee this is the track for you. “Always” speaks for itself, you can’t not like this track. You just can’t. And if you do then you are trippin! The beat is insane combined with the intoxicating vocals and rapping, it is just the perfect slow jam to ride out to!


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