JENNA: “Drunk and Dreamin’” – Simply Stunning!

I wish I could just write “Stunning!” and it would be enough: enough for me, enough for you. But the question is; is it enough for JENNA? I think not. So I’m forced to write something verbose to prove my ardor, instead of just acknowledging the fact that this lady and her music has robbed me of words and left me dumbstruck. “Stunning!” is actually all that escaped from my lips on first hearing the single “Drunk and Dreamin’”, the first single from JENNA’s forthcoming album. The rest of these words are borrowed!

jenna-350Between the song, which was done in collaboration with the Grammy-nominated, writing and production duo, in New York City, Kinetics and One Love (Pitbull, B.o.B, and Nelly), and her music video, I feel JENNA has a great style that manages to balance understated, symbolic lyrics while conveying a fierce passion just below that surface.

JENNA is one of a handful of contemporary musical artists with a strong creative authority. She is also one of those people who has seems to focus her talents towards inspiring an audience who’ve become accustomed to receiving musical brilliance from so few.

The musical bed of “Drunk and Dreamin’” is extremely lush and layered, with a mid-tempo, dragging tempo, holding down the subtle groove. Synthesized orchestrations, twinkling pianos and whirling bass lines embellish the atmosphere, as JENNA’s soulful voice supersedes your wildest expectations.

jenna-350bHer vocals are poised, precious, and punchy – sometimes all three at once. The melody and tones are rich and dreamy, as she draws you into her web of romantic fantasy. In a genre rife with newcomers, JENNA has found a sound, one irresistibly her own.

She brings a style that is quite personal. No carbon copy here. Her material speaks to the heart, as if she has been there before. “Drunk and Dreamin’” is what all ears need after trying to avoid the noise that is played over mainstream radio. At just under four minutes, the track is over much too soon though, but as the last notes ring out you definitely want to press repeat on a very satisfying and entertaining single, and video, may I add.

You can always tell when an artist throws out a record just to say they have arrived. “Drunk and Dreamin’” is definitely not that type of record. A lot of a lot of time and effort obviously went into producing a first class recording as well as an enticingly gorgeous video.

One look and listen to JENNA, and you know you have one marvelous package before you. She could be any record label or promotion team’s dream. She has an incomparable talent, she can sing most wonderfully, and she is beyond beautiful, in a word – STUNNING!


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