Paleo Sun: “sOulrizon Unplugged” both inspires and ignites!

Paleo Sun, a project led by Sai Collins (Vocals, Guitar) together with Sunny Cordilleras (World Percussion) and Zach Foust (Drums) delivers Alternative, Roots, Folk Rock and Reggae vibes. Don’t...

Paleo Sun, a project led by Sai Collins (Vocals, Guitar) together with Sunny Cordilleras (World Percussion) and Zach Foust (Drums) delivers Alternative, Roots, Folk Rock and Reggae vibes. Don’t you want to be listening to someone who is trying to change the world? Who inspires you to do the same? Paleo Sun’s new EP  “sOulrizon Unplugged” is a jovial, upbeat, acoustic and completely soulful, melodious life-walk set to song, and heartfelt prose.

paleo-sun-tl-300I think that the band’s evolution toward sunshine, consciousness and the celebration of life are well-showcased here. Sai Collins is a beautiful guitarist, possesses a lovely, raspy voice and blends well with the other musicians featured on the EP. The songs infuse the listener with hope and strength – so needed during these difficult times. This brand of sunshine will definitely bring you a smile and maybe even a glow.

This is an artist speaking directly to people waking up and exploring the new paradigm of human evolution. Paleo Sun’s beautiful and uplifting musical sound is the perfect delivery system for the true medicine they are here to share, their words, which both inspire and ignite, and shine the divine light they’ve clearly connected to within themselves.

Society is always what culture and art become, and these guys are right on time to the party, reflecting the truly incredible transformation going on amidst the darkness and sickness saturating our society. Right from the very first track, “sOulrizon”, the voice is mesmerizing and the vision is startling. I was enchanted with their non-cloying, but still inspiring and loving approach to the art of music making.

By the time the infectious strumming of “Water Won’t Drown Me”, the second song, sets in, you know that this band, and album, should be mandatory for every person to have. It truly is medicine for the soul. And the high point hits you in mid-EP, with the strongly reggae flavored “Paleo Sun Tribe”.

Whether it is the polished studio recordings or the phenomenal spaces of joy they create with their rustic street sounding performances, there is a profound intention inside this music that will resonate with the innate truth and spirit of every heart incarnate.  “Along The Way” takes you to a better place and time. The words have value and integrity, while the rhythm of the music carries your soul on a journey of personal enlightenment.

paleo-sun-tl-350Paleo Sun is one of those bands that is a true find and makes you want to hear more and more. They are more than just a collective of excellent musicians; they are also an inspiration to those of us wanting to leave this planet we’re inhabiting better off than we found it. There are so many tender moments and others that make your spirit soar on this EP. The closing song, “Love Gold”, offers one of the latter moments, with Sai Collins’ raspy voice at its energizing best.

“sOulrizon Unplugged” is one of those rare culminating moments for artists who are seasoned, at the top of their game and prepared to lay bare all that is important and personal for their art. Paleo Sun’s vision is mature, accessible and altogether a joy to listen to. It covers all the bases that a conscious artist can cover, and does so simply, elegantly and with great compassion and humility.

LATEST NEWS: With a heart full of song, Paleo Sun will gear up and hit the road in 2017 on their #IBelieveInLove tour. The tour kicks off in April with a focus on their current release “sOulrizon Unplugged”. People involved in supporting the music and the mission, include Minor Groove Productions, Signal Fire, Alexia Blue Photography, Hurricanes MYR, WWAY Productions, Lori Harris & Kyle Kauffman.


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